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Jibbering Wreck
Hello...please, please have a listen to my track. It's my first stab at finishing a song with Logic. I've been using it for about 4 months now. I'd really love any criticism ,positive or negative, on the music, the arrangement, and especialy the production.
My thoughts on each are:
Music-It's a chilled out dub kind of track. It's really hard to tell after listening to it so many times, but I quite like some of the phrases.
Arrangement-It takes a while to get going, and maybe some of the sections are a bit long?
Production-Yikes...mixed on headphones, and a cheap pair of Edirol micro-monitors. Equalizing is very much a best guestimate! I only used the supplied synths and drum sounds that come bundled with Logic Express. I think the drums are a week point!
Thanks in advance for any advice!


You're a smmrrg hrrrd
Nice work dood!!!

Love the eary noises and stuff near the beggining. How d'you do them??? and lots of other good noises to.

Can't comment on Mix cuz me listening to it on crap pooter speakers in office :Sad:

but sounds good dood.

think the arrangment could do with some attantion. has a really great start and then kinda gets a bit lost (IMHO) and then livens up again near the end... fink about tension and release more. :Grin:

keep it up:ibiggrin:

Beat-Root :iyes:


Jibbering Wreck
:ismile: Thanks for the reply!! Yea I think the arangement needs a bit of sorting. It's maybe a bit long, so I should try cutting a few sections I think. The eary noises are just some running water samples with lots of delay, reverb and flange, and some general messing around till I found something good. Thanks for the positive words!!!:ismile: