Bluetech- Sines and Singularities (Aleph Zero)- out Dec. 5th!

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Bluetech- Sines and Singularities (AlephZ04)
Release Date: December 5th, 2005

Aleph Zero is excited and proud to present the second highly anticipated Bluetech album. Sines and Singularities offers a step forward in Bluetech's unmistakable and distinct emotional spacey sound, and shows an evolved Bluetech character. Extensive touring since his last album led Evan in explorations of new realms of sonic structures. The outcome of these physical journeys is a spiritual musical inward deep dive that unfolds and penetrates new dimensions in Bluetech musical persona, exposing more of his unique sound-constructed emotional reflections of the world. Diverse and colorful, this amazing album offers a more complete perspective from different angles of the Bluetech sound, and flirts with the more danceable side of downtempo music, while remaining a fundamentally relaxed and soothing experience. It includes interpretations to Pitch Black & Shulman.

Track list:
1. Enter the Lovely
2. Condensation
3. Leaving Winter Behind
4. Forgiveness
5. Shulman- First Came the Stars (Bluetech remix)
6. Pitch Black- Ape to Angel (Bluetech’s evolution rmx)
7. Airstream
8. Dreamtime Lullaby
9. Shimmer
10. Wilderness
11. A Garland of Stars

To listen to full quality samples and pre-order now go here:


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Can't wait for the 3rd installment from Bluetech. A nice one for the Christmas stocking.

Torsion Jim

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good knowledge digifrog........wots this third album u speak of?? ive got da one on interchill, cud u hit me wiv details???

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Evan released his first album Prima Materia on Waveform in the US only.
Aleph Zero released Prima Materia + Elementary Particles as a special double album edition in the rest of the world and Evan released the Elementary Particles EP via Native States in the US only.

Now we release Sines and Singularties world wide.

Hope that clears things, Jim.

Great signature, btw... hehe...

Torsion Jim

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IVE GOT THE ONE ON wave form 'prima materia',but dont have 'elementary particles'.can i get it inda uk aleph zero??

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well, you can't get Elementary Particles EP in the UK. It's available only in the US. I don't know if there are any left, but you should check with Native States, who released it- if they still have it you can order it from them.

In the UK you can get only the Aleph Zero's 2CD edition which has both Prima Materia & Elementary Particles.

BTW, you can check an interview with Evan posted today here:


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Hey all,
Check this cool E-flyer:


And if any of you happen to be in North America, check to see if you're around for these release parties and have a chance to listen to Bluetech play live. More release events to come!


Saturday, Dec. 3rd 2005
San Francisco, USA

Dub Beautiful Collective presents:

Bluetech - live (Aleph Zero, BC)
David Last - live (The Agriculture, NYC)
Rena - live (Digital Bliss, SF)
LUX - live (OEM Recordings, Santa Cruz)
Nalepa - live (Terpsichore Group, LA)

More details here:


Thursday, Dec. 1st 2005–11–21
Vancouver, Canada

Telepaphone Productions presents:

Bluetech - live (Aleph Zero)
DJ Adrian (Beats without Borders)
DJ Nils (Beats without Borders)
DJ Tru (Sunshine Coast)

Red Room 398 Richards St.
Highlife (604)251-6964
Boomtown (604)893-8696
Elphintome (604)885-1118

Aleph Zero

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Just to update you that ( is gonna host a special release show for the album on its excellent chillout channel on Dec. 5th at 12PM US Eastern / 5PM UK / 18:00 Central European Time

Check it out here:

You have a time converter there.

Don't miss it, and don't forget to tell us what you think in the forum!


Pound Shop Alex Petridis

i think my ears just had sex with my brain.....

(not yer average bus-shelter friday night quickie, this was fuckin tantric)

had a shit day at work, barely slept all week, came home and turned the lights off and just let it run.....

i actually felt like giving it a round of applause when it finished.
Wilderness is one of the finest pieces of music i have ever heard.

i am now going to delete all my porn because i no longer need it.

Scoff Cruddle

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Ooh, my copy of this turned up on Friday, and has been in the CD player since then. absolutely lubberly. As ever, Evan has done a cracking job... chilled but nicely weird, beautiful music...

Buy it now! And direct from Aleph Zero, it was only €13, which was only £9!

Cheers all...


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bluetech :wub:

i've listened to album :: 'elementary particles'
endless amounts of times. i fukuking love it.

i heard they had a new album coming out
but know when, and didn't realise
it was quite this soon (after hearing of a new album coming out)

damion, after reading what you have said.
i can't wait to get my hands on a copy to have a listen...

better order one in

aleph zero thats a beautiful flyer... aghhhh
*wants to listen to the album real bad*
Aleph Zero said:
well, you can't get Elementary Particles EP in the UK. It's available only in the US.

That's whacky. I've got Elementary Particles, and I definitely didn't get it from the US. Sadly, I can't remember for sure where I did buy it, but possibly it was from Chaosunlimited.

Bloody good album, of course :Smile3:.


Dear god, and jesus christ. The man's only done it again, but better. Nothing more to say really, except yet another essential buy :Smile3:.

Oh, and Dreamtime Lullaby gets me every time :Smile3:.




yesh - fantazimo album ..... got it last weekend ...

Saved the first listen for when I got home from the Awakening ......

lovely stuff :iyes: