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    What can I say, Im really impressed with this album. Its a slice of ambient dub that reminds me of in places Entheogenic. I read that Evan is a classically trained musician and it is seems very obvious throughout the whole album.
    Its music to sooth weary brains towards the end of really exhausting long nights. I could probably drift off to sleep with it on without any troublesome kick drums keeping me conscious.

    The start of the album has a kind of jazzy, slighlty melancholic (without ever been depressing) feel to it, which puts me into a reflective mood where I can think about things, light a spliff, and go "hmmmmmm" for a bit. :P

    It then progresses mid way through in to more uplifting quirky melodies that leave me with a content grin on my face.

    Personal highlights for me are Track 6 and 7.

    This is great Sunday music.
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