Blunkett in trouble


dave arc-i

Apart from the ongoing paternity deal with some other dudes wife (Boris Johnson got sacked for less) and few other matters invloving his floosie's nanny.
The one that takes the biscuit for me is Blunkett's denial he fast tracked the nanny's visa application "I only read it over to ensure it was correctly filled in."
The man is blind - could he not be quite telling the truth?
Blunketts had an affair with the editor of the right ring establishment magazine The Spectator. Yep Labour is more Tory now than the Tories and where the heck does that leave the Tories.

Leaves not many choices to vote for at the next election. I'll be voting for the least right wing of the three larger parties. The ones who haven't been in power yet. Time to give them a chance as they seem to be the only voice of reason.
Hehe good point arc i :lol:
someone once said "if politicians aren't fuking someone they shouldn't be, they'll fuk the country instead" wrong!! blunkett wants to fuk everyone over ..
trouble is I reckon 'Big Brother' Tony will make sure he gets away with it cos he needs the public sympathy for 'no eye dear' blunkett to push thru their police state proposals...
fukt !!
albs said:
Blunketts had an affair with the editor of the right ring establishment magazine The Spectator

No she is the publisher of the spectator not the editor (publisher is more like a manager dealing with externals to the publication.)
Boris Johnson (Conservative MP and now ex shadow cabinet member) is the editor (manager dealing with content and internals.) He was also caught out having an affair and lost his shadow cabinet place due to lying about the affair.

It is common knowledge that the Home Secretary's appointment (certainly in the period Ive been alive) comes from a right wing viewed member of the ruling party but it is interesting to see the some of the circle our Socialist(!) law enforcer is moving in.

It also appears to me that whilst the Tory's seem to have learnt their lesson from sleaze (not that I support them or that it is helping them) i.e. sacking Boris Johnson from the front bench - David Blunkett however seems to be superglued in place.

later edit.....

... and then it is announced that Blinkett is going to repay the £180.00 for the rail ticket he 'fraudently' recieved for his floosie.
A fraud is still a fraud I think and by now repaying those monies he is admiting that fact!
Davdi Blinkett resigns - "I wont hide behind civil servants, and accept responsibily." Validates my first post of 3 weeks ago then!!!

A word to the not so wise David - the 'civil' servants are in your department and therefore YOU as thier Boss are responsible for there actions.

About time, but then hanging around has helped damage the Party you represent, no bad thing really!!!
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wahay blunkett is out :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3:
that's made my christmas :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3:
..yup.. its good that the 'Righ'er than RIGHT(wing)' Labour Home Secretary - has decided to 'Fall on his Sword' as they say.... alot of these otehr Toss Pot politicians who do shitty things and refuse to go can should take a lesson from this.... However... Let us not speak tooo soon....
...Look at Peter Mandelson....
No doubt once the dust has settled and the Voting public / Media have a new Public Enemey - Blunket will be back in some capacity or another... and probabally stonger than before :mad: (look at Peter Mandelson)...