bom bolenat from exotic psy creature! :))


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Hello everyone,
I'm a party fan from the only real Moscow psytrance undeground (Russia)
That's why "exoic" in subj (i believe you don't often meet people from this country at parties ?)

Again i came to UK. This time to have some professional courses, and of course to get aquainted with the world famous London psy trance scene. Unfortunatly got the flu with the high temperature right on the weekend :Smile3: and spent it browsing i-net, searching for the nearest parties and events. That's how i found your site - by links, from if i'm not mistaken.

What can i tell about myself... male, almost 23, in love with electronic music from the middle 90s, parting so long as well (actually except Moscow have been only to one party in Amsterdam, Holland :Smile3: ).

Can't imagine my life without music and parties (the feeling of a party especially). Different music i prefered in different periods of my life. Now it's mostly psy, psy and psy trance again :Smile3:

I like strange things. Anything what is strange. It is very rare you can find something really strange.

Also like making music on my PC, but not very productivly as it seems to me at this moment.
Always looking for something new, what can really shock, surprise, open a new way of thinking in any spheres of life. Enjoy experimental literature and art-house, non-commercial, undeground films; exploring own mind and conciousnes :Smile3:
Welcome buddy! Enjoy and make sure you get to a party soon! :Smile3:

Welcome to the forum and also welcome to london bro. Lap it up, it just tastes better :Smile3:
Hope to see you skanking on a dancefloor soon. :speaker:
Da, Welcome to our groovy forum

:sun: :sun: :sun:

:party2: :party2:
Welcome to the country and welcome to the forum...psytrance doesnt just only exist in London though you know, make sure you venture out to other parties around the country for that oh so special UK party atmosphere! :Grin: