Bonnie & Clyde - Deja vu - OUT NOW !!

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Bonnie & Clyde - Deja vu - OUT NOW !!


Bonnie & Clyde are proud to present their newest glitch in the matrix, "Deja Vu", a twisted relentless track echoing our restless spirit in need of festivals and celebration.

A complected weave of throbbing basslines, distorted effects and ravaging acid leads, this dynamic duo will take you on a ride through a psychedelic roller coaster of cresting crescendos and hypnotic arpeggiations, in the hopes of giving you once again an echo of the simpler times of parties and inner journeys into the specter of false timelines that never happened but did, casting their shadows upon reality..

Release on : December 22nd 2021

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Mastered by Charles Préférence Mastering
Cover by Sati Design

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