Top 10 BooooooooooooM!!!



hmmm....heres my first top........lets see what u guys think.........
1. Fungus Funk - Feelings ( what a killlllllller track......his set here in london was also crazy!!!!!! :blink: i want some more of his new tunes!)
2.Seroxat - Communication Breakdown
3.Apocalipse - Master Peace (some good twisted basslines)
4.Exaile vs Paranormal Attack - Carambola (i love the morning twist at the end!!!some good rushing!!!)
5.Winter Demon - Suffocation (the beats keep changing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!no words....)
6.Azax Syndrome - Elqazai
7.Azax Syndrome - Element of fear
8.Whiplash - Trip the Switch
9.Broken Toy - Send More Money
10.Sesto Sento - Primi tb

the last two just remind me of :sonne: hilltop goa 1/1/2004 B) aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!! :crazy: mad set by sa'ar and karan bhoj there..........
anyway.....hope u guys like it :partysmi:
BooooooooooM Bholenath!!!!!!!!!! :sun: