BOSS GX-700 guitar FX rack sale good nick,recently serviced/

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January 18, 1996 -- Integrating the latest Roland modeling technology, the most powerful BOSS effects and a knockout price point, the GX-700 Guitar Multiple Effects processor packs quite a punch. This single rack space unit combines 21 highly sophisticated effects with unprecedented operational ease. Up to 13 effects can be used simultaneously and the effects "connection order" is user assignable. More than just an effects unit, the GX-700 also offers the added flexibility of a built-in preamp and speaker simulator.

All 21 pro-quality effects have been specifically selected for guitar applications. The versatile preamp and realistic speaker emulator incorporate Roland's proprietary Composite Object Sound Modeling (COSM) technology. With COSM technology you can choose from a collection of amplifier "models" and speaker cabinet/configuration "models" to create exactly the guitar sound you want. Models include classic British stacks, British 2x12" combos, studio tube leads and some of history's greatest vintage and modern amplifiers. Speakers include 8x12", 2x12", 1x12" and various 10" combinations. This is perfect for recording situations where an amplifier and speaker cabinet is not practical. Simply plug directly in and record.

Along with a great assortment of guitar effects like delay, reverb, flange and chorus, there are also time honored classics like analog distortion and modern favorites like the Harmonist for multi-voice intelligent pitch shifting. Once configured, "effects chains" can be saved as patches for instant recall. There are 200 patch memory locations (100 user and 100 preset).

The sounds are massive and the possibilities are endless with the expressive new GX-700. And at only $695 suggested retail, it is the most affordable product to incorporate COSM yet. Whether you need a versatile preamp, a sophisticated effects processor or the power of COSM, its all here in one easy-to-use package. Drop a GX-700 in your rack and multiply the possibilities.

£120 ono