brand spankin new tunes


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so i nearly did a chill out tune, (swampthing) then somehow a doof crept in. strange how that kind of thing can happen.

'pipetrain' is another pacey bouncy one.

give 'em a listen, an tell me what you think...

also maybe give me an idea on how i should classify them, cos it's always really hard with your own toons.

:Wink3: thanks peeps, love to all.
listenin to swamp thing. i think the whole thing works well as a whole, and the kick doesnt seem out of place at all, but it might sound a bit better with some kind of bass going on with it. the rest of the tune doesnt really need it, and a bassline is by no means essential but i felt that when the kick drum was playing it woulda sounded better if there was a bit more down there to sort of join the kicks together. other than that sounded fantastico.
Listened to Swamp thing and like the style.
Sounds looming from the gloom. Has a slow almost lucid progression to it.
Never minding how many noises come at you it doesn’t get over full. Well controlled.
Nice use of reverb, essential in this kind of track. Well done.
If you are going to put a bass line in there I dont think it should be in your face to much maybe a kind of fade in and out typ thing ie swelling up.
Pipe Train = Ferkin Lursh mate! This was right up my street. You've captured a truly organic feel to this track, it has an ebb & flow without losing pace. I'd be up for hearing much more like this! BTW, is the sample at the end anything to do with ActiveSync? :Wink3:

Swamp Thing = Again, an organic feel to this track too, and I'd agree with the comments above. A subtle bass...something to slide in & out of that gap at the bottom end, I think would compliment the track nicely. :Smile3: