Brazilian drummer coming to london!

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Hello ppl!

I'm a Brazilian drummer who loves psytrance. 'So what?' You ask... :P The fact is that in about 3 weeks I'm coming to London to stay for about 1 year! And I will be totally lost in this great city! :no:

I was wondering if anyone could help me with information on partys, shops and "stuff" :smokingrasta: :Wink3: ...

Anyway, looking forward to chat and dance with you ppl! :drinking:

Oh, almost forgot... Any brazilians here?

See ya!
Hi Elder, how r u???

First of all: :welcome: here u will meet really nice people!!!(crazy, but nice!!!lol)
Im Brazillian aswell, and Ive been in England for 2 months now, but Im living in Midlands, not in London!! I already went to London couple of times, and a nice place (at least in my opinion, but probably londoners will give you more tips!!!) to find a lot of nice things is CAMDEN TOWN......I can bet that u will find all you need there!!
U can find all about the parties here in the forum, and about festivals too!!!

take care man, and dont forget about PLUR


PS: Where about in Brazil r u from??
My first message and the board crashes!
It must be some sort of sign! :lol:

Hey Psico! Very nice to meet you!
I'm from Rio de Janeiro.

What are you d oing at the other side of the ocean? :Grin:

Take care...
i met some brazilians once, jolly nice they were too :Smile3:


huw xx
I've got some brazilians at home, not very talkative though and a bastard to open. :Smile3: sorry i'm in a bit of a silly mood. :welcome:
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Wardo @ Feb 20 2004, 04:20 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> I've got some brazilians at home, not very talkative though and a bastard to open. :Smile3: sorry i'm in a bit of a silly mood. :welcome: [/quote:457125fca6]
Hahahaha :Smile3:

Back to topic, there are alot of brazilians about in parties! So you have some people from the same place with you here aswell, there are alot of parties, underground and commercial, they're all kinda full on :P depends what tickles your fancy at the moment you choose to party.
YaY Good to see sum more drummers in the forum, Bring youre drums to parties, they will always be welcome :Grin:
Hey ppl! Thanks for all the warm welcomes! (natacherry, Ward, opia, fluffy_pixie, Phonographist; nice to meet you all!)

Psy Commando: Nice to know there are alot of parties happening... I became a bit worried while reading the topic about the new law against the parties... And I love all kinds of trance, including full on! :punk: Here in Brazil ppl love full on to! But sometimes I miss a progressive set... :rolleyes:

FYLDJSleep: Bring drums to parties?!?!?! Oh yeah!!! Play like there is no tomorrow! :crazy:

Sorry about any spelling... Vodka and beer do not mix!
Leaving in 2 days!
Met a brazilian girl in Samothraki last year & then we accidentally bumped into each other in Rex!The most glorious smile in this universe I must say! :rolleyes:

Enjoy the forum & enjoy London!
I know you will!

:welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
welcome to the forum dude