Bristol To Glade festival

dust_dan Jul 7, 2004

  1. dust_dan

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    Just to say that I'm planning on driving from my house in Bristol to the Glade festival on the Thursday night. I think at the moment it looks like I'll be the only one in the car but there could be one other person with me.

    I'm not planning on taking a huge amount of stuff with me other than a tent, a gazebo and a bit of munch so there should be enough space for a couple more people depending on how much stuff you have...

    The car is a nissan micra so it's not huge but get in touch here or mail me at if you're stuck for travel and I'll be more than happy to squeeze you in if possible!

    Also I'm going to be leaving on the monday afternoon and coming straight back to Bristol so a lift back can be covered as well.
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