*BROKEN LINK FIXED* Crossover melodic psy from Finland


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Ok, the title of the track goes in English "Captain India and Colonel Goa Leave to The World (and get into an unexpected adventure)"

Style is somekind of fusion/crossover trance, I like many things so I don't want to confine myself to just one style. (if you ask me, the current state of psytrance is putrid, I couldn't care less for 95% of the stuff released these days and I have a hard time understanding how so many people care to try to sound exactly alike)

So it's one part finnish psy, one part goa, one part electro, one part 80s italo, one part easy living, one part rock'n'roll, one part dancing in a squat until your legs break, etc :Wink3:

http://amerika.aavepyora.net/tk/maailma.ogg (9mb)
Oops, thanks, my mistake :Smile3:

I've heard some very exciting feedback from this, so what do YOU people here think?-)
With any fairly recent version of Winamp, for example :Smile3: Also Foobar 2000 (a great lightweight player!) plays them, and there's also a codec available for the Windows Media Player (ugh!), or with Linux, XMMS.

But since people have been complaining about this a alot, I made a mp3 version too:
finally got to hear it.

like the way its goes into triplets then double time and the slow down/speed up slow down ...... - whats gonna happen!?! - is cool.
dont like that snare , sounds too synthetic trying to be real kinda thing, the production is very raw but that suits the crazy mashed up psy sound.
personally its not something i would listen to - its just too all over the place/messy for me - but its very origonal sounding