Broken Symmetry Monday - DJ Yaniv + free Chosen#3 CD!


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Hey everyone,

if you're on the net this eve make sure to tune into DJ Krelm's Broken Symmetry radio show and chat this evening, 7-9pm GMT! Here are the details:-

Broken Symmetry on - broadcasting *Monday* (April 4)

Win a free Hadshot CD! See below for contest details.

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Monday is the Hadshot show! My guest is none other than the dirty groovemaster extraodinaire DJ Yaniv Tal. Amongst his work running the long-successful label Hadshot Haheizar (plus all of the other spawn of the Alien News label group) and one of the premier electronic music distributors Cosmophilia Media, Yaniv somehow finds time to jack audiences worldwide with his filthy elektro-flavored beats. With enough CD compilations under his belt to cripple a small elephant, the man knows good music.

Please join in as Yaniv treats you to an 80-minute mix of elektrotektribal beats and all things beyond. The first 40 minutes is the usual Dr. Krelm breakstekprogressivetribalkitchensink mashup.

And here is you chance to win a free taste of what Hadshot has to offer. We will be giving away free copies of Hadshot's most recent CD Chosen#3 (info: to 3 lucky people. How to win? Simple - guess the tracklist of Yaniv's mix. :Smile3: The 3 people who can spot the most tracks from Yaniv's mix (broadcasting during the final 80 minutes of the show) will have a copy of Chosen#3 sent to them.

Yaniv and I will be dropping a few hints in the chatroom, so be sure to stop by and get the heads up on the competition! :Smile3:
Send your entries to within 24 hours of the broadcast's end to be eligible.



Broken Symmetry feat. Dr. Krelm
Guest for April 4 - DJ Yaniv Tal + Chosen#3 Contest
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