Buddha Fingaz (Baraka)...finally got round to posting my mix

Buddha Fingaz

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Howdy y'all, after much faffing and turntable wizardry I finally have a new mix ready...and more importantly, I've now got round to posting it here :Wink3: Mixed this one back in February, but due to lameness its taken me this long to post it.

Its a nice selection of full-on stuff ('nowt too dark mind!!) which I feel represents a spectrum of the stuff I like to play, it moves from chunky to funky right through to pumping and euphoric...see what you think :Wink3:

Stream, download, listen, dance, meditate, criticise, whatever...enjoy! :Smile3:

To download file (65 MBish):

Buddha Fingaz mixes it oop like

To stream the file:

Same same


1. Wrecked Machines – Electra (Neurobiotic)
2. Silver Surfers – Chemical Structures (Nano)
3. Space Cat – Emotions (Vision Quest)
4. Pixel – Smart Planet (Hom-mega)
5. Time Lock – Skylines (Yoyo (BNE))
6. Bio Tonic – Vox Populi (Agitato)
7. Sesto Sento – Sneaky Sneaky (Triptych remix) (Tip.world)
8. Infected Mushroom – The Beauty and the Beat (Unreleased - DL from the IM website)
9. Hujaboy – Home Alone (Tip.world)
10. Intergalactic – Star Light (Noga)
11. Altöm – Hologram (remix) (Neurobiotic)
12. Wizzy Noise – 10 O’Clock (Harmonia)
13. Silicon Sound – Nexus 6 (Protoculture remix) (Nano)



marathon solo-sessionahoy
is there a playlist?

am listening now :Smile3:


marathon solo-sessionahoy
well , 25 mins in and am really enjoying :Smile3:

after listening to enough darkpsy to bore me silly lately - im really liking the more fluffy/funky edge of this and its got me right back into enjoying psy :Smile3: i was getting worried i was beginning to drop out of the scene for a bit :rolleyes:

not too sure about that tune with the guy singing 'make you feeling better' though :?


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Top stuff dude, lots of interesting funky tracks, well mixed, quite alot of my favs in there to! good choices!

Buddha Fingaz

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Playlist updated ^^ :Smile3:

Thanks for the nice comments doods!

Josh - try re-downloading, though at the moment can't say why its cutting off. Will investigate properly when I get more than 5 minutes spare - should be this evening!


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Thanks for the tracklist Buddha Fingaz, I remebered most of them, but couldn't remeber Vox Populi by Bio Tonic, and it was bugging me, great track, thanks for the reminder!!

My dl was fine, played all the way, thru and very quik dl speeds, so can't think it the server...

must be your isp's proxy josh, resetting the connection...

try a dl manager, like "get right", which will reconnect, and finish the dl unlike "microshit" which just disconnects... :Wink3: good luck!


Champagne Rouletter
very nice, had me bopping along at work. I always enjoy getting odd looks off everyone else as I have an early morning wobble :Smile3:

Very nice mixing indeed and I love the first half pf the set. Second half not really my thing, but I'm sure lots and lots of people would disagree, and it's done really well, so :Smile3:

Very enjoyable, ta for putting the mix up, I had no problems with streaming it or saving it :Smile3:

Ian R

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I feel the need to drag this thread back to the top, as this mix is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jump:

Loving the tune selection and the mixing is spot-on! Theres some cool tuneage on there!
Hey BuddhaFingaz, when/where are you next playing out? I'd LOVE to come along!:Wink3:


Jedi smoker of da ganja
Ah yes, yet another fine quality DJ from the Baraka stable :Smile3:

This set sounds interesting, will have a listen tomorrow dude :Wink3:


Jedi smoker of da ganja
Ian Psy-Fi said:
Hey BuddhaFingaz, when/where are you next playing out? I'd LOVE to come along!:Wink3:

Probably the next Baraka in September by the sounds of things... although Baraka is involved in a charity funraiser festival near Abingdon next weekend so if he's free..?

Sposed to be doing chill in the cafe area but we can go chunky through the night if we want to :Wink3:

Buddha Fingaz

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Awesome, I'd forgotten about this thread, and I return to various words of praise and discussions about mself in the third person...cheers maties :Smile3:...and yes, the Dark Lord Jodha is correct, I should be playing some chunky choons this weekend if all goes according to plan :Wink3: