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Well, its about time to pop my Top 10 cherry, what with the weather improving an' all :? So here's an ickle taster of some of the stuff you may or may not hear from me at Psyproject...No particular order other than 'ardness... :Smile3:

FREq - Carbon Based Lifeforms (Strange Attractors album)
- First track from this belter of an album, warm and crisp, yum yum...I'm a sucker for vocoders...

Sensifeel - Back to the Future (Swiss Connection)
- Ahhh a nice warm bit of prog action, this one builds really nicely with that entrancing synthey noise ever-present

Shakta - Absorbed (Feed the Flame album)
- Still caning this one, what an awesome sweeping synth noise! An excellent bridge for those awkward transitions between prog and full-on too

Triptych - Access All Areas (Accelerator 1.0)
- Punchy little number, bound to raise smiles, with some quality funky geetar sheet :Smile3:

Intelabeam & Cyclic - Left By A Comet (Doppler FX)
- Dunno about you but Intelabeam always does the business for me...real punchy, danceable stuff...oomph

Atomic Pulse - Robotnico (Detoxification album)
- Its pretty fast but has a great summer feel to it...a good tune to play as the first light starts to appear

Tikal - Equinox (Ritual Cycle album)
- Starts off with that great Tikal/Bamboo Forest-esque slamming rhythym and noises, cut in half by some lush vocals which threaten cheese but don't quite go there :Wink3: awesome drop!!

Bio-Tonic - Vox Populi (Flip Out vol 3)
- More vocoder action, I love this one - best thing from Bio-Tonic since 3rd Link, needless to say both are long-term inhabitants of the caselogic

Bizarre Contact - Love Simulation (Plastic Fantastic album)
- Nice n' trancey, pumping psychedelia to put a smile on your face :Grin:

Sally Doolally and Safi Connection - Nothing Really Matters (Diginations)
- Well, her DJ set at the Voov rocked in a rockin' way, and this tune gives me fond memories...psychedelic and squibbly, a real body-rocker!

Xerox and Illumination - Tribal Metal (Temporary Insanity album)
- Tearing stuff, big powerful guitars...oh come on, no tops is complete without a 'kiiillleeerrr' guitar track :Wink3:

OK so that was 11, consider one of them a bonus...dunno which one though :Smile3:
After what I felt was a slow start to the year in terms of releases, things have really hotted up in all areas and theres a lot of great stuff about. Shame its so painful on the wallet hehe :Wink3:

See you all at Psyproject :Smile3: :Smile3:
mate that xeorx new one is spot on being playing of that a lots have not heard much on the forum about it :!:
nice top ten think were on the same leve :tongue1: l
Brillant Tops m8 Really digging these too:

Triptych Access All Areas = How much fun in one tune, housey good fun vibe, psy without the serious side I like it!!

Atomic Pulse Robitnico = stand out on the album cause of its sunny melody vibe!!!

Tikal Equniox = Super gorgeous squelch, I love the CD

Sally Doolaly and Safi Connection = Different, Gotta Soul and a Vibe of it's own that others don't have

Bio Tonic Vox Populi = I agree m8, and 3rd Link was amazing, still beats this but they seem to be getting closer again.

I think you managed to pick my fav off each CD!! Coolio :Grin: