Bush: american jobs vs climate change

Liquid Ross Oct 12, 2004

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    (email fwd to me from me friend daneil)

    I just cut this straight from the BBC's transcript, after watching the
    second televised debate between US President George W Bush and Senator John

    For the sake of maintaining people's attention span I have stripped out only
    a couple of sentences referring to local American statistics.........


    GIBSON: Senator Kerry...

    KERRY: ...They [The Bush Administration] pulled out of the global warming,
    declared it dead, didn't even accept the science. I'm going to be a
    president who believes in science.

    GIBSON: Mr. President?

    BUSH: Well, had we joined the Kyoto treaty, which I guess he's referring to,
    it would have cost America a lot of jobs.

    It's one of these deals where, in order to be popular in the halls of
    Europe, you sign a treaty. But I thought it would cost a lot -- I think
    there's a better way to do it.

    ...the way to get from how we live today to being able to live a standard of
    living that we're accustomed to and being able to protect our environment
    better, the use of technologies.

    GIBSON: Senator Kerry, 30 seconds.

    KERRY: The fact is that the Kyoto treaty was flawed. I was in Kyoto, and I
    was part of that. I know what happened. But this president didn't try to fix
    it. He just declared it dead, ladies and gentlemen, and we walked away from
    the work of 160 nations over 10 years.

    You wonder, Nikki, why it is that people don't like us in some parts of the
    world. You just say: Hey, we don't agree with you. Goodbye.

    The president's done nothing to try to fix it. I will.

    (see it all at www.bbc.co.uk <http://www.bbc.co.uk/> and search for 'video
    presidential debate', yay broadband!).

    If Bush gets in; since he only seems to care about wallet, I will personally
    endeavour to boycott all American goods.

    It's as simple as looking on the bottom of 'suspect packages' in the shops,
    a care in the community action for anyone I believe...

    Forward this if it feels responsible to do so,
    Make the most of the Sunshine,
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    Living in a shed in Broadstairs
    In 1035 (according to the legend) King Canute in demonstrating his power over nature managed to drown himself by trying to prevent the oncoming tide ...

    All of nature, in the hands of it's least evolved tenant ... sigh!

    On a cheerier note, loads of Iraqs nuclear power station equipment has gone missing since the US invasion. So that'll be the world made a bit safer then ...
  3. LozGee

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    And just who will sell them replacements to go missing again?

    Always follow the money honey, there you'll find the architect
  4. Taika-Kim

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    In fact I think the re-election of Bush was better option that Kerry.

    Just think of it: Already in his first 4 years the guy has managed to plunge America into a deeper crisis than for decades, and somebody has to sort it out OR, what's the more probable option, bear the consequences.
    If Kerry got the presidenthood now from Bush, he would have had to face the impossible and try to fix all the havoc GWB has caused. This would only have given the rebs a reason to blame the democrats for the failure.

    So now we can just look at how USA goes straight down, and hope that during the next four years people over there wake up and see the current policy for what it is: a blatant & complete failure to cope with the reality in almost any way.
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