Bush Appoints Right-Wing Extremist to UN Post


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It wasn me
The right man for the right job ?
Bush and Bolton

Well it's not that hard to believe really I suppose, I'm getting used to just how brazen Bush is when he wants his way, no matter what the rest of the world, let alone hiw own country think....

Bolton is a well renowned critic of the UN, and hardened neo-conservative, It's clear that his posting is yet another levering point for the American new century project of US world domination.....

But why take it from me.......



I think the appointment went something like this.....

New UN ambassador required
Bush nominates Bolton,
everyone ( i.e. Current and past UN ambassadors, members of the senate, + his own party ) disagrees.
Bush fails to get the required votes from senate to secure Bolton in the role
Senate "holds up " the appointment to discuss ( hold tight, that sounded almost like democracy?!!! )

Bush, angered at what he called " politics " holding things up ( yes he really blamed " politics !!! " )
waits until senate is on holiday ( like our own lunch-out parliament ) and goes over everyone's head and using his special powers grants Bolton's the role.....

Bolton single-handedly sabotaged a U.N. meeting to forge an international verification protocol designed to put teeth into a treaty on bio-weapons.

When he had finished, he reportedly told his colleagues, â€It's dead, dead, dead, and I don't want it coming back from the dead.â€

Nice chap .....

Classic quote from medialens :
" This would be the diplomatic version of a suicide bomber. "


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Yeah, this is disturbing all round. The man himself and what he says, and the way Bush shoehorned him in... stinks all round. The UN is riddled with faults, but this guy is not going to make anything any better.