calling all chillout djs


like to play chillout?

wanna come play in bristol at a bad by design party?

we are looking to give the opportunity to people who love to play fantasic chillout, but dont get many gigs or have chance to play out much to come and play down on the west-side :Smile3:


we have 3 nights coming up

3 rd thursday of ---- JULY - AUGUST - SEPTEMBER

please pm me if interested!!!

bad by design xxx :peace:


*cough* i know *cough*

shut it you tart!!!


only 3 thursdays to go then we are in line for the weekend spots!

thats when YOU ARE coming to play little miss :jump:

bout blooming time!


locus solus
i could possibly play a set, though i use vinyl only and not your usual chill fare.. :unsure:


opia said:
i could possibly play a set, though i use vinyl only and not your usual chill fare.. :unsure:

not a problem! unusual stuff is definately welcome, play anything thats good and not psytrance! we like a very laid back and open minded chill/alternative room, you play whatever you want to play!:dancey: + vinyl decks & cd decks :bananase:

we usually have a mix of dubby stuff, electronica, soon live bands etc, whatever goes, no policy to it, just cool muzak innit

Rhino Plasti

Sailing the Brixton Seas
I might be interested n'all.
I play from Vinyl and CD combination eclectic chill covering quite a few genres.
Let us know


Festive Camel
Hey Brij

I sent a pm saying basically exactly the same thing!

Maybe if the lovely Bristolians a) get to have the night on a weekend and b) decide they want some Barakan-influenced Londoners in their chillout room then c) we could do it together? Would be fun to have someone to travel down with.

PS sorry to sound cliquey, but Brij and I have been friends offline for a while and enjoy messing around on decks together (as well as smoking each other's spliffs... )