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I really want to get into VJing properly... so I've got a few questions

what software to use? Arkaos? Motion Drive? there are a lot of options - which is best?

what to use for programming fractals etc? does it matter? flash? action script?

what is the situation with using copyrighted video clips? do you need to worry about it?

Is there an online VJing community you'd recommend?

dave arc-i

with the current development by resolume - it can now control ALL other vj apps and the instant useability of it - i wouldnt use anything else BUT there are 3D rendering packages out there i also wouldnt mind having a copy of!!!

copyright - well if i can d'l it or i have bought the raw content THEN as long as i dont intended to try and sell it on and only use it in the public domain then i for sure am not worth suing over it

however a very good source of footage for editing (some already very useable) is - all open source stuff

yeah what jody says - dont get into the forums (good for certain techy stuff - but everyone seems to have their own ideas! aboutwhat is best!!!)


imperialist running-dog
cheerz- that'll help me get started.

I love Got lots of my own stuff up there.


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i guess your probably after PC based software, but if you do have a Mac, check out
it's the nuts, if it fits the style of VJing your into, especially once you've hooked up a midi controller to it.
and yeah, VJCentral and VJForums are both top places for information, although some of the members have disappeared slightly up their own arses


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Good advice there Yodhe, yeah the 1 with copyright is down 2 the user really..

when i started i didnt know how to create visuals really , but people are comin up2 u going awww man thats fuckin awsome and u cant take the credit 4 it.. that soon gives ya a kick up da ass and get the 3d software out, the flash then anything everything goes, much more fun to create somin from nothin than to.. use the coolest stuf on the net. once you start u cant stop :Smile3: .. is pretty good too, find out about all the software developments hot off the press, nice site too,



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What editing programme do you guys use when editing live?

I use Avid DV express for my normal work but I cant imagine using it to edit live as it's a bit slow.

Are there any good beginners VJ sites?

All the best

Beyond Mirrors


reccomend you check out pilgrim
this is the most powerful piece of vj software I've come acrross, does stuff you really wouldnt expect..
used to use arkaos, that or resolume is a good place to start if your a beginner