I am thinking to get one, I need one with DV in and DV out but i am not sure if I really need a DV in, my instinct tells me so.

I saw Sony is quite expensive compared with Panasonic or Canon or JVC and I do not mind one brand or the other.

Any suggestions on what do I need to look at on specs to make a decision? Lenses, resolution, construction quality?

any help?

Thanx dude :drinking:

I had a look at the NVGS models, price is ok for the midrange ones 400-500 quids about, I'll do some more search about other brands/models but this is looking good.

Cheers M8 :bananada:
When I bought one about 18months ago I plumped for the Sony TRV25e....Has DV in and out (but I never used in is only for returning mixed/edited movies to DV tape for storage)...also has Nightshot and SuperNight shot (although the nightshot gives a jerky motion and supernightshot gives a very green tinge to the picture).

The Carl Zeiss lens is superb, but the digital zoom is a waste of time unless you have a tripod.

My advice is: If you want to film in low light go for a triple CCD model with the smallest F no. lens you can afford (at least f1.8). If you want it only for daylight, then that is less important. Remember that the bigger the screen, the less battery life....Also worth looking for a model with a built-in video light as the add-on ones are quite pricey...
Also bear in mind that, unless you intend using the thing as a stills camera, the megapixel rating is fairly irrelevent...It is better to go for more aperture and shutter speed controlability.
What ever you look at don't get tack any notice of digital zoom only look at the lens zoom. Digital zoom just moves in on the centre of the image after the lenses is a max zoom so thing start getting really pixaly. Basically it’s the same as the zoom option you get on some DVD players.
Fushion Julz- I was looking at the 3CCD ones, didn' know about the lens F. no, that's a great advice, cheers. I am not interested in still pics tho so I don't mind how good that is.

Monkey Do- :wow: great site for me, thnx again

psyfy- yeah, i had a kind of feeling about that, now you are confirming it, so I won't be looking at it too much.

My intention is to take the best camera I can afford, for trying do some kind of documentary with just music and iomages and practise to write music for scores. Still I'd like to spend the money in something that works at the best quality I can afford so to have the best results possible even in an amatour level.

Yey, cheers guys you are being very helpful and clear as always, I am having a good picture of what I want now, I didn't know anything about cameras till 2 days ago.

Thnx a lot, please keep posting if you have more suggestions, I might buy the thing in october perhaps from the States.