can someone give me an accurate genre for this track?


whatever it is it's cool. the sample work is really well done; i love the overall atmosphere of the track.

i'm not sure which genre to place it in, but then genre definitions are so constrictive & subjective... :Wink3: i guess some kind of world/chillout/psybreaks style?

the guitar sounds are really, really lovely. this track flows beautifully, and it''s really interesting melodically. it's not really psybreaks, because it's got a housey-loungey feel to it - especially the (lush) piano sounds at 3:30.

it's something to be proud of, for sure - really well put together, suitably intricate & varied to keep the listener interested, like the 5:30 transition to the funkier bassline.

the EQing sounds ok as well, bearing in mind that it's a 128kpbs version... and i love the tougher rhythm section towards the end.

really cool :Smile3:
The Phonographist said:

brilliant!!!! couldn't have come up with such a fitting genre description m'self ... thanks!!! (& for the kind words!!)
marshmallow sunny evening velvetcore.

thass a nice little number you've rolled there... how much is samples? do you play instruments?

tell all...
again -- damn nice description, thank you! "shelter" is a mix of manipulated samples (the frost poem "the silken tent" narrated by the poet himself / bamboo flute and other asian instruments ripped from vinyls / percussion loops and some beats ) and instruments i played in real time (bass, piano, guitar, programmed beats, strings, sound fx, muted choir sounds).....
what kind of psy is it...

listened to it 5 times in a row and my answer...

vision & psyte

which is also the name for one of my sets...but it works perfectly for this track i think
It's too original to have a specific genre. The production is mint and I like the progressrion a lot and some very odd sounds in there. even hints of industrial as well. coffee table chillout stuff for a wednesday morning. Expertly produced.

Verdict: It's not techno so it's rubbish! :Wink3:
Lush Emotive Widescreen Sonorama springs to mind.

A bit too breaky/scratchy/theme tuney for my taste, but for sure done with lots of skill and love. If you're looking to release I'd approach balearic style labels (its got a sunset vibe to it), Austrian chill and lounge labels, and I think in particular 18th Street Lounge Music - would fit right in there next to thievery corp.

Cheers man, looking forward to hearing some more! :drinking: