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Following the release of the successful second album “Avant Garde†by Tegma, which has received outstanding reviews and is expected to be air-played widely this summer at festivals and open-air parties, now comes a new compilation, the V.A.- Levitation compilation. The compilation combines music from talented newcomers such as Flame on Fire, Parrket and established artists such as Ryan Halifax, Blue Planet Corp., Wizzy Noise, Vibrasphere and more. To be released 10th of June.

Samples available at :

This will be the last release for the summer and Candyflip will be back in September with a new release : the long-awaited sequel to the Mountain High compilation. Alex Candy once more compiled this chill-out/downbeat compilation, carefully “handpicking†the tracks over the 1,5 year period since the release of the first comp.

Mountain High II features once more great artist names such as Aes Dana, Cell, Max Maxwell, Solar Fields, Kick Bong and hot new artists such as Ihor and Lideres Band ensuring a magical and ethereal musical journey up the mountain!

Party News

Candyflip Records will be strongly represented in three festivals this summer, first at the Butterfly Dance Festival in Northern Greece (5-8 August), the biggest festival in Greece this summer.

Then it’s time for Hungary and for the massive festival at Ozora , taking place at the same location where the legendary solipse festival too place five years ago.

A superb after-party festival Porn Dance Stars will take place near the Ozora festival area with the cream of the psy progressive artists and djs performing, check out :

Artist News

Candyflip welcomes a new member in its family of DJs, being DJ Sundi from Hungary. A very skillful dj whom you can enjoy in the Hungarian festivals this summer, ozora festival – porn dance and stars festival

Candyflip also welcomes a new hot progressive act from Greece in its team of artists- Flame on Fire. This act has been signed exclusively to Candyflip and you are about to hear a lot from this artist in the future. Two Flame on Fire tracks will be featured in the upcoming Levitation compilation giving a taste of what is to come.


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