Canon Ixus 500 5Mp Digital camera

Fushion Julz

Sound Bod
Don't normally do this on here, but it's a good deal...

I have a Canon Ixus 500 for sale...

Brand New, boxed, warranty, etc with all the gubbins

review here

seem to be selling around £215-250 in the shops and £160ish on eBay

If anyone wants it make me a (sensible) offer


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Thats the one I use for Psypix.... highly recommended.. total bargain....I'm keeping my one :Wink3:

Someone bite his hand off for it quick....

Fushion Julz

Sound Bod bargain..Thanks for the review, Ratty

I have come by a couple at a good price and can only use one at a time...Hence other is up for grabs...It's on eBay, but I'd rather sell it to a forumer if someone wants to buy themselves a Christmas present!

Fushion Julz

Sound Bod
Is no-one interested, then?
Cheaper to you lot than it would be on fleabay, but that's where it's going if there is no response soon!

Fushion Julz

Sound Bod
funny guy!

I have just sold 1 for £170 on eBay....

I have access to another 2 or 3 (depending if the chap has sold them yet, or not)...
But they *cost* more than £100 and he needs to earn a living somehow...

I doubt he'd take less than £140-£150....But that seems a good price to me!

Cheapest I've found in a high street store is £229
Cheapest on-line retailer is £205
EBay deals go for £150 upwards....

These are brand new items, boxed with a full warranty and all accessories, including the battery, charger, UK power lead, case and 32mb CF card...