Canon Powershot A70 640x480 3 minute video hack


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The Cannon Powershot A70 has the ability to take 30 seconds of video at 640x480 screen resolution at 15 fps.

It can also take 3 mins of video at 320x240 resolution.

The thought crossed my mind that maybe the 30 second limit was imposed by a firmware setting.

So I looked on the web and guess what - some nice helpfull geek types have hacked the firmware to allow you to take a full 3 minutes of 640x480 video.

Wicked eh!

go here and sign up to the group to get the hack

I'd suggest you go to canon and get the pdf which describes how to perform a firmware upgrade.

I've just flashed my A70 and can confirm it all works as expected.

You cannot preview the 3 minute video's on the camera but hey nothings perfect the files work fine when downloaded to your PC.

Note I've not tested this using a mac to perform the upgrade!!!

My advice use a PC!

The big question why didn't canon allow 3 min vids in the first place?

I'd advise getting a big 1GB memory card cause the 3 min video's take up over 100MB of space...

The video is rather special in that it is progressive rather than interlaced so you get a film look to it. Normally you'd be paying £2000 to get a camcorder that could do this. OK so it's only 3 minutes at 15fps and 640x480 but for the £175 price tag on a canon A70 who's complaining?

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