Cant touch anything before cubase crashes


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At last ive nearly finished a project but cubase is doing my head in.
I bounced down a final mix last week then project crashed. Thought nothing of it as I have 20 audio chanels on the go(dont normally go past 16) its bound to strain system. The bounced audio files where intact and I bunt it onto cd to listen in car. Wasn't happy with one of the parts so I called up a version of the song that had all midi files and rerecorded.
Now cubase crashes with anything I do including unmuteing a track. All vsti's are turned off and cpu sits at around 5% then try and import new file and bang off it goes. I do have several versions of song saved all at different stages of development and all but the earlyest crash.
I have been doing all my maintanance programs constantly just to make sure system is running ok. I know my mac is underpowered for cubase but I have never come across anything like this.
Anyone got any ideas wheather this is a system problem of am I just useing too many audio tracks(hard disk meter hardly moveing)?


pulse width fay
Blender Bender said:
Maybe try and bounce together a few of the audio channels to reduce the load?

I would if i could but as soon as I click on a channel it crashes. Cant do anything to project. :iconfused


pulse width fay
Tried a diferent project last night and cubase was behaveing itself so it must be just that song. I will have to start another project file and import all the audio files bouncing down all stuff that shared group channels. It just means plugin data as well as automation will be lost(might even find a fresh perspective to do a better mix).

Would love to switch to live miszt but its not altivec optomised and i'me on a little mac, think it will be worse performance than cubase.

Cheers for ideas :iwink:


have you tried opening it on another computer with Cubase? maybe opening it there and saving it will sort any corruption that might have happened?..or mayb Save As before you do anything to it at all and make a new copy, mite fix it


pulse width fay
My mac is the only computer I have so cant test it anyware else.
Bunked off work for an early lunch to start new project and import. All the timing seems to be out.
The F***** grid selector is in Ms not bars and I dont know how to set it back to bars.
This is realy testing my atempt at non smoking :isad: