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duff beer dragon

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Animation showreel availible on VHS PAL - linetests, Lightwave 3D logo, 2D toon ( Operation Koala ), 3D model toon ( Alkemy ),

above and other toons, many pictures, also availible on CD-ROM ( PC ) or can be uploaded to the web,

website availible but I should really finish the other one, cause I don't like the one I have up anymore.....

oh yeah - I have a Mandelbrot zoom in-and-back-out to X and some other fractal toons, made on Fractal extreme free trial - great ware, recommended

some online examples,

strangetoon . gif toon

alien crop circle . gif toon

ubik can . scan-in feltpen drawing

illuminati . gif toon

modified Bomb picture

UFO picture . digital made

Mandelbrot set picture

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