CD album sale


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£4 each. Only used once to rip onto computer.

Silicon Sound - Pure analog
Psychedelic Academy 001 - mixed by Kristian
Crunchy Punch - Maximum Velocity
Juvenile - A Machine's Dream
Illusion of Self - Tribeadelic
Quantum - Outrage


Monarchie IV
Monarchie V
Pure Imagination Vol.1
Suspended Reality
Inca Nations
Solar Flares
Psycho Cell
Listen To Me Loud

X-Mode Vol.6 - DVD & CD - Israel Trance scene - Ten Commandments (compilation CD)

PM me if you fancy any!

Ian R

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Ian Psy-Fi said:
Do you still have Crunchy Punch - Maximum Velocity for sale? If you do, I'll buy it! :ismile:

Obviously first refusal goes to Mr Vanilla Penguin as he asked first! (thats if he wanted this CD!)