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dose anyone here have any particular knowledge of cd decks? currently i have turntables, a pair of numark tt2s but im thinking of getting a cheap pair of cd decks when i have a bit of spare money. i cant afford to spend truckloasd, but i wanna get something reasonably decent if i do, and intermediate pair. im lookingt at the pioneer cdj-100s which ive heard are pretty good as entry level to top end gear. any1 have a pair? also would it be worth bumming for a pair of cheap onse (soemthing for 200 sqwuid a pair), id want seperae decks not those combination things- thing is i basically want something good enough to use for parties but not too expensive basically- the cheapest decent pro(ish) players.

do any of the other djs here use cds? if so u all using the 1000s (or whatever theyre called pioneers scracth capable players)
Hello mate, I've used the 100s loads, and they are top quality. Check this site out for all your needs:


They are one of the best places to get decks of any variety and have a wide selection. they also do special deals and deliver as well to the card holder's address. That's where I got my CDJ's from, which incidentally are the 500s. The 1000s are great, but I can wait a few more years :Smile3: Hope that helps.
yeah, what he said...

the 100's are sweet, perfect stuff really especially as they include the effects... i got some 500's cheap in an off-ebay sale, and having sniffed a 1000 for the furst time last weekend, yup set your sights on them eventually, or knock off a pioneer dealer...

:Smile3: might be worth a poke as well... but ebay throws up good shit now and again
mm well if theyre good enough ill look at those
i guess ultimately im not that bothered
im intending to get a car soon tho, adn the idea of putting on parties appeals to me- ive been dreaming of my ideal setup, which will to be to get a generator, get a fuckoff phat soundsytem in the boot of my car, then when im doing a party somewhere random like a forest or whatever, itll be possible to just bung cd decks in the rear with a mixer and some cds, and away we go- with decks obviously this a fantasy (a) cos u gotta spend ages setting them up properly again, (B) cos in the outdoors, wind blows ur needle around (dont i know it) © cd decks are small and would less ahssle, plus no worries about needles breaking.
yea...I've got a pair of cdj100's as well...defenitely go for these ones if you want to transport them...I brought them with me from France when I flew in the beggining of september last year...very handy!!!!
But if you want to spend 200£, you'd better check on e-bay cause they are still expencive...arround 300£ new...erm erm! :huh:
I recomended them to Dubs2000, when he started mixin and he gets on fine with them, I personally use Denon at the mo, but looking to convert to cdj format as soon as the funds allow.

best off gettin 100's cos unless it a set of 500's or 1000's at a party, you can bet there will be a set of 100's

Good luck !!!!!!!!!
pio0neer 100s is what most people seem to have set up at the squat/outdoor parties.

I'm lucky enough to have 1000s, but it's not entirely a good news story :no:

They do everything you ask of them, so much so that I don't use all the features, and they are beautiful to use - and very sexy to look at :Wink3:

The downside is that the build quality isn't nearly as good as I'd like. If you're moving them about, it's absolutely essential to have flight cases 'cos if they get knocked, you risk the CD carriage. Also, use a surge protector at all times. I took them to an outdoor party last year, and they took a surge from a generator, which not only knocked out the internal fuses, but also capacitors. Exactly the same damage incurred by both decks :no:

If you try to get them repaired by either Pioneer or a registered service centre, expect to be given the run around big time. If you're looking for a circuit diagram to repair them yourself - forget it, it isn't going to happen.

I had to wait 2 months to get them back the 1st time, and the repair only cost about £40. The second time, when they blew, I couldn't be bothered with the guarantee - which given the time they take to repair isn't worth the paper it's written on. A friend fixed them for me within a week.

Now, about 15 months after I bought them, one is running a bit noisily.

Verdict - wonderful, versatile bit of kit - great to use - delicate, and prone to fault if not handled with exteme care - terrible after sales and repair service.


Maybe silly questions to some (?) but what the heck ...

- when using CDJ's is a mixer essential?
- do most psy trance DJ's use 'special effects' when mixing tracks?
- what mixer would you recommend with Pionneer CDJ 100's?

... a curious psy trance fan
Sunshine and smiles xx
Does anyone know about the numark axis-8's? Thinkin of gettin a pair of em but not too sure, any reccomendations? :tongue1:
The Pioneer series of mixers complement the 100s quite well, although, any good mixer will do. Some DJ's use effects and some don't. And yes a mixer is essential if you're going to mix with 2 CDJ's.
Think of it like this. You have to use a mixer with vinyl decks e.g. Technic 1210s. CD decks (CDJs) are only different because your using CDs rather than vinyl.

Hope that helps :Smile3:


cdj 100s are great, certainly a pro deck and all you'll ever need unless you have some special requirements. i do perfer the 500s, they'll be my next purchase now that ive had to give my back after long term loan. going from 500s to 100's and you notice a little differencein the jog wheel.
would love to have a proper play on the 1000, not sure if i would want them unless they were a perminent fixture in my house (need perminent house first). i imagine the scratch and sniff, and the reverse could make some interesting effects when used in unconverntional way. bit big to carry round maybe.

mixers - i have the 3000, wow what a mixer. think the 500 is great too, and cheaper. the build quality of the 3000 is a lot better, balanced outputs and a few more effects, some which are controllable with the cross fader that makes intersting chomps in a set - or a complete arse of urself after too many ciders is what i found !



cool, well thats kinda what i wanetd to know i guess
unfortunatly i ont haev a very fancy mixer, id just be using my old numark (acnt remember official designation) mixer i got with the package when i bought my decks
someone told me last night that pioneer has cut the price of the 100's to £250 each... that oughta have a knock on to the second hand / ebay market too, maybe pick up DJ magazine in a month or so to shop around in the comfort of your own bath.
'tis true, Sapphires are doing them for £249, check the link I posted above.
I used to own a set of cdj500's, had to sell them,then bought some 100's,and personally I prefer the 100's. I mean the extra fx r a nice feature that the 500's don't have. Then theres the front loading of the 100 which is easier than that lid on the 500. Essentially,thats the only difference between the two. Y does everyone seem to think that because the 500 is a higher number, it has to be a better model. The 100 is anothe r mission on its own though...........
CDJ1000's are flash and expensive (a pure indulgence really). Can't wait to get mine!!!

CDJ500's are the industry standard for estabished party orgnisers & dj's. Solid & acurate, simple to use & professional.

CDJ100's are cheap, but i find the sound quality not so sharp, the jog wheel control is far too weak (easy to pick up bad habits if learning to mix on these), and the fx is rarely used by psy-trance dj's (tends to detract psy tracks than adding to it).

Just remember one thing : When it comes to buying hi-tech equipment you get what you pay for.
I'd have to agree with Ross and Mike. I've got half a set of 500's(still saving up for the other one) and they just seem a hell of alot sturdier than the 100's and with the toploading mechanism they take up alot less space. The 1000's are nice but they have too many extras on and I don't know any psy-trance DJ who uses all the features. I think they're geared toward scratching and being able to play CD's just like vinyl