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Just realised some of you music types might want a bit of multimedia on your cd's.

(Enhanced CD's have not only music tracks but when put in a PC or Mac a multimedia section is activated. Maybe a video of you Playing live at a festival or clubnite. A discography. Pictures of your cat. Anything you want really.)

Well thats what I do :Grin:

And I do a dam fine job too. :Grin:

Haven't got much in the way of web based stuff as, well, its all on CD :Wink3:

Can you trust me? Well I've done work for the likes of HP, Canon, BMW, Natwest & Peugeot etc and they've all been happy. :Smile3:

Corporate work Note this is corporate work so it's not really very Psy.
So do you fancy a video to go with your latest track? I can help you. So far I have been doing this stuff for free but since it takes me 2 weeks to edit a 3.5 min video I am going to have to charge from now on.

However for a limited time I am offering to reduce my normal charge rate for 2 weeks work by 90%. You wont get a better deal than that! :ilol:

I also now produce DVD's!

Video's to download

Want something different for your CD cover maybe something in my Gallery will take your fancy. Hi Res images are available.

Psypix Gallery

Anyway I'll do you a good quote on a project. Drop me a pm! :iyes:

Would love to work on psy stuff.


PHLUR :sun:


PS I don't do spelling tho :hehe: