Cell - Phonic Peace


I can't find a thread for this album anywhere so I'll start one. Not reviewed a chill album before but here it goes. Overall review is that this album is a fantastic release for Neurobiotic's chill label Indica Music.

1. Sensitiv' Garden - Starts nice and slow with chimes and female chanting. Only just seems to come on and then its gone again. Leaves you wanting more.

2. Mister Ayatih - Birds tweeting and gentle tapping swoosh in with nice synth. Develops with some nice singing and guitar. Picks up more layers towards the end before blending out to female choral singing. A lush track.
3. Zaz - Begins with Indian chanting and drum beat. Lovely guitar strumming. Chanting develops into singing. Great mid-section break.

4. Magic Karma - Another good start bringing in elements used in the first three tracks. Uses higher back synths giving a more euphoric feeling to it. Great guitar again.

5. Soon - Brings it back to the swoosh and slowness of the beginning mixed with metallic tanging. Picks up with pan-pipe flute and a more demanding beat.

6. Lord of Silk - Lovely bongo (don't know name of the drum used) drumming throughout. Familiar Shpongle sounding flute joins in as beat picks up. Nice use of storm samples to close.

7. White Call - A move to a more danceable beat, this song had me on my feet shaking my thing. Various flutes used.

8. Phonic Peace for Tibet - Definitely chilled peace rhythms in this one. Singing features again.

9. Orange - Absolutely lovely. Standout track. Beat is just right with chiming. Wish I knew what she was singing about because it sounds lush. Second half brings in drums and shuffling to good effect.

This will be staying in my CD pile for some time. A beauitfully crafted album. I'll certainly be in the chill-out at Sonica when Cell plays.
9 out of 10


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Good Review Again XSPeel Thanx m8!!

This one is on my list to pickup, I went for Groove Controllers, and JViewz on the last order...

But Defo Cell Next Time! Looking forward to it!


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Cell are certainly one of my favourite chill-out artists along with Aes Dana, shall certainly be buying this


yup, lovely album, I really enjoy the first two tracks, immersive vocal excursions...

I'm not too keen on zaz, which borrows some of Ott's samples, for some reason I've heard that sound 60,000 times over the last few years ..!

the more trancey tunes echo some lusty emotional emotions as your feet start to shuffle, your head still circling around the patterns.

Indica begin to establish themselves as a high quality outfit; bring on the chai :Smile3:

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Love it!