Cheap Hi qual sample CD's where should i go


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a friend recommend 2 discs from e-bay that cost me £7 inc p+p :Smile3:
and they was great proper clear original sound's "im useing them now "
thing is friend also bought others from there and he wasnt very pleased with,,

i was wondering if there is a site that offerd sample cds that are as professional sound as the e-bays ones of course the price has to bee good " no zero g £60 bols "

any ideas ? cheers ,,,,
i know i can dowload samples but you willnever get the selections like you get on CD ...

if you want a good sample cd check out " solid circuit's + freq wave "
i was well pleased with them



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U often get some decent samples from Future Music magazine. Only £4.99 an issue, can't say fairer than that. :Smile3:


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cheers m8 ...

i do buy fmm now and again often for the freeware :Smile3:

i was hoping a shop site or even other goodies on e-bay stuff that others have bought and are content with..

that solid cuircuits n freq wave has gave me the bargain hunter bug

....... bit like that wooden man on bbc1 (dole bum tv ) lol


Time to prime..

You'll recognise everything as used by Logic Bomb, Safi, GMS, Astrix, Cosma, Psycraft etc etc etc

Do yourself a favour. You'll frikkin love it. Like it was your own.



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Well Phony, that's incredibly useful to know. Any other suggestions perhaps?

These are samples not tracks. SAMPLES. And well recorded and varied ones at that. And for your info, the samples mantioned are about .001 of those available.

So what exactly was the point of posting.

Just giving away opinions eh?



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Well shoot me down for wanting originality in music!

Yes, they are opinions. Are we not allowed opinions on a discussion message board ?

Im not disputing the quality of the samples. Just saying perhaps look futher afield than a CD that has been overkilled in psy trance production.

I cant really reccomend any samples CD's as he hasnt really said what he's looking for. (drums/ambience/sound fx ?) And if he wants them for £7 thats going to be even harder...


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The guys not about to be the TOP psy producer is he... He'll love the CD - it's great - that's why everyone uses it. It's a step in the right direction.

It's got everything, drums, ambient FX, Stringz, vocals, EVERYTHING>

Anyway, sampling can still be entirely original -

"..It's not what you do it's the way that you do it.." :love234:

..Bananarama would have said..

I just think it was a useless post.. S'all.. :rolleyes:

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Fair enough. :Wink3:

Its still not really in his budget though.

Unless you can show me wherer to get spectrasonic CD for under £50. :smoke:


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Who knew?!


I should be a consultant. :o I am!!


eBay seems to modestly vibrate the party fellow cousin and unlikely bredrin.


I hope you're getting this piospeer. It's all happening!!!



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Yeah! :lol:

But there again what is original sound? :huh:
Algorhythmic routing and filtration of a few pulses through oscillators, or careful selection of fitting and heart-felt waveforms from all over everywhere anywhere??

Set Sound free!! It's tough, time consuming and EXPENSIVE to make samples by yourself. :sad:

A good balance is always healthy as with anything, I would say. :sun:

I know which I prefer to use. Generally. :wizard1:

I've never hit a drum or stummed a B-line or recorded a noise to date. :no:

Anyhoot.. p'raps I should?? :smoke:

..Your AvAtAr scares the shit out of me Fire...




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cheers zeven, il grab a copy.
at least they sound like they must be of good quality being used by top psy producers.

i do indeed make my own sample's but there come a time when my synths become a little limited (aint got a grand+ for a virus or novation) so next best thing is useing sample cds to feed my synths n comp to give a new direction to play about with :Smile3:

please note: im not being cheap skate but paying £60+ on a cd that once you buy you cant return it to shop is a little scary ( have you been in turnkey charring cross.. downstairs and the amout of cds to choose from,, lol ... ok you can listen to cd ,, but who in the right mind gonna go through 1000+ samples per disc, il need to be tripping :Smile3:

thank you guys

have a good-en