cheap midi keyboard?

I've got an Evolution mk-225c

8 Fully assignable knobs with full resolution, 1 mod wheel (assignable) and 1 pitch bend with fully programmable presets for quick instrument selection.

I was looking at the Oxygen 8 too but can't remember why the Evolution was the better deal.....

Might be some other ones out now

The Midiman Radium 49 looks like a good deal at £119 with 8 faders 8 knobs and 49 keys.

Check out here for a more comprehensive list
I have the keyboard and I'm quite happy re Giorgo,

It's not the flashiest piece of kit but it does it's job pretty well..

Now if you can splash out a bit more and get Novation's one with the x-y controller and the 2 million knobs and buttons, that's another story..

Consider whether you want a soundcard as well as a fair few come with a built in audio interface..

By the way, the mk-225 costs around 85 quid from Turnkey, if you're in London..
ok, thank for your help. Yeah, about 85 to 100 quid is my limit at the moment, as I am a bit of a beginner, too.