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Art,Korg,Roland D2, New Art, Fund
Please help me with getting back on track

For Sale:Burned Studio new ART in the making
Choose from 1 of 4 boxes from the photos in this auction
These would also be ideal for a film set,

The money will go towards a coulpe of new boxes and towards the record label my first release,it will be dedicated to my old studio
All im asking for is a minimum of 500 pounds so i can get my record label up and running,you can make my music future kick back with this fund please help im not asking for millions of pounds just a little help to make my life not so depressing. About mePlease read my history and see why i need this little help.

Please check my feedback this is no con this is what happened and im just trying to get my self back on track. Many Thanks!!!!




fuck me that's harsh. can only imagine what he felt like discovering that :sob:
his choons aren't bad either.... hope the poor lad gets back on his feet soon

Dharma Lab

I live in a giant bucket
Which brings up a good point.... insurance! I was renting an apartment a few years ago & got robbed. Over 1000 records gone, along with 2 keyboards, and a ton of CD's (the bastards even took my liqueur). $35,000 coverage of renter's insurance is only costing me $160 a year.


Throb Farmer
Dharma Lab said:
Which brings up a good point.... insurance!

Mad not to. When a bad man climbed through my window and lifted a load of stuff it was all replaced within the month.