Chemicalight and Psyxaani Psycadelic Mixes

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Over the last few months myself and felow member Chemicalight have been listening to a lot of Psycadelic Trance and Ambient works of music. Although I do come from a mainly rock/metal type background, I got tired of the same old same old of the genres. Chemicalight kinda introduced me to this more electronic form of music.

Anyway, we started getting quite a collection of mp3's together (as you do) and had a go at mixing some stuff ourselves. Perhaps this was partly inspired by listening to some great DJ's playing sets this summer at the various outdoor parties and clubs we went to.

I have started building a site for us to host streaming versions of these mixes for people to check out. The site is very basic (just like my coding skills - hehehe), but it does what is needed at the moment... I like messing around with sites, so ill probably keep updating it. Please check it out if u like this kind of music. Let us know what you think.

Music is optimized for modem users (although i havnt tested it), but please use your sense when trying to listen... if there is a break in the stream often, then please comeback later - probably too many people trying ot listen at once.

If u like the mixes, and would like a high quality version then PM one of us and we'll sort it out

Psyxaani & Chemicalight

oh yeah

press play when it loads.

site made on 800 x 600 monitor... dunno what it looks like on bigger res... crap probably.... people can actually listen to my mix :wo^thy: