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Bath, UK
for the last yr or 2 .. after i manged to scrape together enough money to buy a pair of cd decks and an old nemark mixer... ive basically just beem messing around with my equipment... nothing serious ... learnt a bit beat matching ... mix when friends are over etc etc ...
but now. .. i really want to do some proper djing... chill djing ..
since ive never djed ambient and chill ... i am looking for some helpful tips from the more experienced lot...
should i cooncentrate more on "telling a story with my music " ie track selection and creativity or more on technical aspects of the set ... etc ..
please help ....i'm lost :?
do what you feel comfortable with - watch the people in front of you - see what they respond to and keep it there

best sets Ive played were the unplanned ones - going with the flow
technical aspect is nothing if you just concentrate on it as such, mixing techniques are just tools to express one's creativity. If you have skills use them to express not to impress. At the end it is important what athmosphere you create not how you create it.

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