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Hi all, I got this song on the go and it has the potential to be such a stoner track if you don't mind me saying!! I would realy appreciate comments and ideas for improvement. I know it needs a bass line... but feel free to throw ideas at it. :Smile3:

it's called MILES and the link is below....

thaks so much...

i really like the beats, they're abstract enough to keep you interested...

the egyptian-sounding guitar parts are brilliant & well-placed, and the druggy vocals are cool as well. with those warm synth pad or string samples are also great, and i like the 'lolloping' feel of the piano part, it compliments them really nicely.

i don't know if it really does need a bassline! it's quite full sounding, and there's enough going on in the track. i guess the best way is if you post one with a bassline for comparative purposes :Wink3:

the vocal sample sounds eerily familiar, where did you get it from (out of interest)?

as for ideas - perhaps the transition from the synths to the piano in the main break (after 4:00) could be more continuous, if you know what i mean... it's a little abrupt, but then again that also fits with the construction of the track. i wouldn't mind seeing a little bit more variation of the piano line that plays after the break; i know that's the end of the track, pretty much; but the part with just piano & beats is really effective, and to my mind maybe could be emphasised with a few subtle variations.

great stuff tho :Smile3: i like it a lot!
Thank you very much, I appreciate the feedback and will get working on the piano and base line… the vocals were sung, and I will probably try and EQ the pads a bit too… :Smile3:

thank you