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Label: Global Phonehead Records
Release: * Mediteran GPCD001
Artist: Chilling Matenda
Releasedate: May

1. * Good old sun
2. * No comprendo
3. * Wonderful life
4. * It?s a long time ago
5. *Mediteran
6. * Arpeggio grazioso
7. *Lucky smile
8. * Adio raj
9. *Flashback
10. Need you

We are proud to announce our first release, Mediteran
made by producer Denis Matenda.
Chilling Matenda started as an experiment project of
downbeat and ambient tunes produced by Denis Matenda.
After the huge positive response all over, Denis
decided to start producing the second one immediately.
This time the album will be released on the new label
Global Phonehead Records. The label ambition is not to
be locked in to one genre but to release nice quality
tracks that can be heard and enjoyed everywhere.

Denis Matenda is known by his subtle and atmospheric
sounds, which always makes people in a good mood. He
has a long history of releases on many different
labels and some of them cult labels such as Transient,
Spirit Zone and Spiral Trax. His production skills get
better all the time that also shows in the album

The Mediterranean has inspired so many people,
including Denis, that's why he dedicates ten smooth
tracks that celebrate this magic area. Mediterranean
means "middle of the earth" and was named as such
because it was at the heart of the Western
civilization. Historical forces have been part of
Mediterranean history for centuries. The Mediterranean
world has a rich history of encounters between people
of various cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.
So now it?s time to enjoy the Mediterranean rides with
Chilling Matenda.


All track?s written & produced by Denis Matenda
Mastered by Son Kite
Graphics by Bakke

global phonehead records

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The releasedate is set to 18 of May. Samples of the album can be heard on
This is what James on thinks about the release:

"Gorgeous melodic rolling sounds instantaneously transport you to mediterranean beach bars. I can almost see the swizzle stick in my virtual cocktail each time i put this in the player. Absolutely top tunes for summer, replayed four times after the first listen, total quality from Denis Matenda, mastered by Son Kite: this piece is without question a top ambient release for 2005.
What a perfect way to start the long hot summer. Global Phonehead Records have started their label with a sure winner, top tunes, well done folks. And the artwork by bakke is really rather jolly good."

global phonehead records

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Two more great review´s.

The first is from Damion on

"This is seriously amazing music, and I’m not going to listen to anyone who says it’s ‘not psychedelic’ or whatever. If you like music that’s simply good music, and you want something a bit different, then this could be one of your best friends this summer. "

And the other made by Tigo at

"It is indeed a great album and when people verbalize "peace on earth" I can suggest including this brilliant music as the remedy to succeed. "
Read more at :


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Hey - really nice album this one ....... very horizontal music !!

Received it in the post friday and I have listened about 4 times already ....... hypnotic chill ...

Good stuff !