Classic '94 Psy Trance d/load -Enjoy:)


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Hi All
Firstly great board, really enjoy reading all the threads:Smile3:
I found the board due to post Galde festi fallout and my resurging interest in the psy sound (after Glade who can blame me).Anyways i used to Dj alot in the past and have a set i did at a local pirate radio station back when i played Psy trance (1993/95) and got into producing.
Its all very early Dragonfly,TIP,Flying Rhino,Transient,Matsuri etc etc stuff from 1994ish. Youll all recognise em and just thought that id share it with you all. Be good to hear wether you like it as i still love every tune on it.

The file is AB45goa.mp3@


p.s. sorry for the not so good sound - it was a pirate station so there were a few channel drop outs:Sad: If anyone wants ill dig out me records dust em of and redo it lol. Also ill get a tracklisting if anyone wants it but ill have to dig through me records so be patient :Smile3:
I'm really enjoying this, I love some of the older tunes :Smile3:

any chance of a tracklisting as id like to know what some of them are?

Glad you like it m8
Ill get a track listing up tonight for you no worries:Smile3:
Good to get some feedback:Smile3:
If'n you get the time, a re-do would be great - there's far too little in the way of classic psy/goa trance mixes on the forum thus far!

yeah wicked mix man! real nice flash back!! live in the air!!!!



Psychedelic/Goa Trance

Living in the conscious, material world has never been enough for us noisy lot. The obsession with the other side of our minds has seen us praying on our knees and starving ourselves, though lately you are more likely to catch us grooving in a field to some hypnotic beat. Anyhow, that blissed-out state at the eye of the storm is the essence of Psychedelic Trance.

Over the years many dance records have endowed the listener with magic in mind, though acid or melodic trance has always lacked the power to push you to the edge. Psychedelic or Goa Trance has evolved through the tripper party scene and has enveloped those earlier styles in a vortex of liquid sound. Basically, take a driving bassline with a thumping kick, layer some ethereal synth stabs, sustains or floating notes and tweak them till they twist around your head, drop a fat acid line and maybe some lustrous nu-energy and you've got the Psychedelic sound. It is often termed 'Goa' after the Indian seaside town where the scene flourished in the early nineties, a kind of Mecca for the global trance community.

The most notable distinction between psychedelic trance and the other forms of dance music is that it is not for sale. Advertising has hugged the saccharine sounds of house, techno and drum and bass to it's breast, but has shied away from trance as it works against the consumer ideal. Despite the obvious appeal of it's anthemic melodies and catchy bass lines psychedelic trance taps into a part of the individual, the soul, which has no desire to consume.

Psychedelic trance is also allowing people who don't use drugs to sample a taste of alternate reality, forming a legal conduit between the mundane and the end game.

I could not download the file... I´d love to listen this flash back psy old generation...

Does anyone knows what happened with the link??
icodon said:

I could not download the file... I´d love to listen this flash back psy old generation...

Does anyone knows what happened with the link??

im downloading it fine, make sure u dont right click and "save as" coz it probly wont work (unless you use something like "GetRight" which can override the .asp extension)

2mb so far, should be done by christmas on my 64k line :Smile3:
Andy, many thanks for this - it's just superb!

Andrew, an inspired note which makes interesting reading.

icodon said:
I could not download the file... I´d love to listen this flash back psy old generation...
Try clicking on the "download" button, instead of the track itself.
:wow: It´s done!!!!!!

*to see the future check the past...*

Full sinths, very noise!!
No baseline, no groove... I personaly prefer to listen than dancing it

Well done

Just to let you know if your interested im gonna redo the set and extend it as soon as i can. Ill let you know when i up it. At the moment im just trying to locate my old records lol.

Thanx for all the comments its nice to hear as not many people heard the set when i did it on air unfortunately as the reception was poor that night apparently.Always wanted to redo it.

Cheers Andy
Hey, we don't need the tracklisting, now do we :Wink3:

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv this sound! THNX, man!