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hello folks,
ever considered changing where you buy your energy from to a cleaner more sustainable source ?all it takes is a phone call.
0845 456 1640 or
They supply the grid with 100% clean, renewable electricity generated by the earth's natural resources of wind, water and sun.

i have been told its about £3 more than conventional dirty fossil fuel per month habit.worth sacrificing a pint and a packet of skins a month i reckon.

apparently around 30% of the electricity produced is used by domestic households.
its a step in the right direction me thinks.the more the merry er :Grin:
if ya do it i'll love you more than i already i might even give ya a big kiss :bananada:
:bananada: :bananada:
Juice from Npower offer lecce from windpower. I signed up with them a good while back. They were getting leccie from hydro sources also at first until they could get enough customers to sign up! Believe Powergen or some others also offer renewable energy options.
Juice also doesn't cost more than normal power, it does offer you the chance to vote with your money for the type of power generation you're wanting.
Ive also heard that in some places its possible to obtain grants from the council to get solar panels installed on your house.
Dont know how reliable that is but im sure i was told about it recenly.
Cai said:
Ive also heard that in some places its possible to obtain grants from the council to get solar panels installed on your house.
Dont know how reliable that is but im sure i was told about it recenly.

You can if you are installing grid connected systems...But they cost $$$s

Some councils will give grants for private systems, too, but it still costs plenty...
In pure commercial terms, it isn't economically viable as the average user will need 14years to recoup the investment!
However, if you are refitting your boiler/water tank, then it is more viable. Fit dual coil tanks connected to water-heating panels and a small PV panel to drive the pump. The boiler can then be used only to supplement the solar panels....
if you make more energy than you need, you can sell the energy back inot the system. nice.

im interested in orgone, chi, free energy. its the way of the future for sure
I've just switched to Juice :Grin: And I just got the final bill from my old supplier after making the switch. They owe me £136 :lol: Karma :Wink3:
seriously though, if there are going to be any changes to the way we all live, this kind of things the way to go, i like the system theyve got going in Iceland, communal boilers, earth made electricity n so on.
o yeah hot tubs! from the natural springs! way to go!
well i think this should be a sticky, as we should all be making a consicious effort to help our enviroment and also should be aware about the alternatives!
mike i think you might just be right there me ol breadbin.
make it so captain. :wizard1:
Has anyone seen that advert for I think its Esso or one of the big petrol giants where they say that they have been producing the fuel of the future for a hundred years :mad:
Dose that mean that they are going to give up on petrol and go in to the water business to fuel hydrogen cars then?
The hydrogen cars aren’t like those pissy electric cars that hum along like a milk float there quit fast and powerful and the technology has been around for sometime now. At first you had to put pure hydrogen in but now you can put water in and it separates the hydrogen and oxygen out with electrodes to power the car with water being the only resulting exhaust.
If Esso did do this would they put the price of water up leaving the poor of the world to die from dehydration?
Of course we will still need oil to lubricate the moving parts dos anyone know of alternative lubes and don't say love lube you cheeky monkeys.
Me thinks there is some web surfing to do on this one.
It is good that we can finally elect to buy electricity generated from renewable sources from companies that feed it into the National Grid, even if it is more expensive than electricity generated from fossil or nuclear sources.

However, I have been thinking about this for sometime, and I find it concerning that people regard hydroelectricity as an ethical energy source. I am talking about electricity generated by building a large dam in a river valley, allowing the valley to flood, and then generating electricity as the water passes through the dam.

People talk about the environmental impact of damming a river valley, and this is a valid concern, however, I think that the damage incurred in flooding the valley is only a very small problem compared with the damage incurred by removing the river's energy much further upstream than it used to be. This sort of damage will take many years to show, and may not cause any problems at all in situations where the river has a short path to the ocean (For example in France where much electricity is produced by hydro-electric dams) - However, if a large river is dammed that is relied upon downstream for irrigation the damage can take many years to become evident, and the damage is serious.

Although the same volume of water passes through the river, if the energy is removed upstream, the water will not have sufficient energy to erode material in its path - This effectively means that existing river channels continue to be used in the short term, but in the long term results in sediments being deposited much further upstream than before and vast expanses of stagnant muddy water which in hot climates evaporate before they make it to the sea.

In my opinion, hydro-electricity has to be implemented extremely carefully to be a viable energy source that does not cause downstream problems that could result in the demise of long existing human reliance on a river.
With regards to the Hydro power situation we're not likely to see many new projects in our neighbourhood, the WTO and the UN both agreed that the damages to surrounding areas and populations outway the advantages for land based hydro-power schemes a few years ago and decided to not back any new schemes and even better to actively discourage them. Does anybody remember the furore around Turkeys Elisu dam project a few years back?

This hasn't of course meant anything to China... :sad: where they're still completing the work on the world's biggest such project. They say it's complete but it ain't, in fact it's in such a shocking state that a picture of the dam should go into the dictionary next to the phrase "disaster waiting to happen."
Coool !
We have a folder for these issues that consume too many tissues!

Brilliant step!

Ok will gather some thoughts on the theme.

:Grin: :sun:
OK - from what I've read recently, there IS money for going over to solar until the end of the year or until the money runs out (which ever is sooner) BUT the downside is that you have to be investing in going over to solar yourtself (like, I guess £7 - 10,000 allover 4 the house) THEN you can get like 30-40% contribution from the govt. I read this during the summer in the Guardian's (shame) financial section on a saturday (for the story honest) so if you visit the website you might be able to find out how to apply....

On a side point, I have a friend who did a PhD on wave energy a few years back and the story is appaling for what the tories did (we have 7000 miles of coastline in the UK so many places - like Brighton (hint hint get your fingers out down there) shoukld# be utilising it...) anyway, the very short point of the thesis was that basically Dr Salter developed a wave machine called 'Salter's Duck' (!) and it worked in the early '80s, and the govt , after much hasseling from him agreed to test it, BUT, guess who did the research on whether the duck was effective? Yes, the researchers at the CEGB (read nuclear research scientists) and they said "It isn't very good...blah,blah etc", and the reason why? well, I'm sure you can guess. So don't forget that the 'impartiality' of scientists needs to be questioned in capitalist society because they do not own the means of production - they're just like us....

In the UK, we should be focusing on what is available LOCALLY and I think this discourse is up for grabs at the moment

But re. the green juice - that can be done now.... :punk:
Its about time free parties moved towards using more renewable energy - nothing worse than going for a wander only to realise the generator is making more noise than the party.. all that nasty pollution and precious resources being used unnecessarily :sad:
a bit of wind power is probly the way, given the extreme lack of sunshine for most of the year

was lovely at the solar chill .. good clean fun, run off the sun :cool:

we even had solar powered phone charging in out tent :Grin:
But for a party, solar/wind power is very expensive and not very portable...

I'm trying to put enough together to run 7.5Kw of rig with lights and ancilleries, but it is going to cost around the £4-5K mark without taking into account the stuff needed to house it in/on the van and the likleyhood of needing a bigger van.

Of course, the extra weight will need more diesel in the van to shift it too...

Nothing is straightforward! :?