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Dance Dreams...
Whether it’s soul-tinged techno from Detroit, pumped-up beats from NYC or pure euphoria in Manchester, classic analogue drum machine sounds are the bed rock of many a Dance Music hit.
These drum sounds, while not as 'authentic’ sounding as digitally-sampled equivalents, have the character, warmth and ‘soul’ which PCM-based systems just can’t seem to replicate.

Classic analogue drum sounds are now an essential ingredient in today’s rhythm based Dance Music with two units in particular, Roland’s TR808* and TR909* the beatmaster’s ‘Dream machines’.
But sampling these units is not an option as you lose all the variability of the original. You can’t lengthen the decay, you can’t alter the attack, and if you want to get more ‘snappiness’ in the sound, forget it.
You not only need the sound. You need the control.
You need a D-Station.
Featuring all the classic sounds of the TR808 and TR909, with loads of ‘grab and adjust’ parameters to tweak, this little baby is slick, cool and essential.
Bass drums, Snare drums, Tom-Toms, Rimshots, Handclaps, Cowbell, Open and Closed Hi-Hats, Ride and Crash Cymbals, 3 Congas, Maracas and Claves. It’s got the lot with sounds available simultaneously allowing any combination of drums to be used as a ‘Kit’.

Awesome Analogue
But, predictably, Novation (the company with a world-renowned repulation for awesome analogue sounds: SuperNova II ét al), with a D-Station you get a host of features that were just not possible on the analogue drum machines of the past - adding a whole new dimension to these ever popular drum sounds.
Presets: Adjustments made to the drum sounds can be stored in memory which can then be recalled from the front panel or by using MIDI Program Changes
MIDI: Changes made to the sound editing rotary controls are transmitted as MIDI controller data. These can be recorded into a sequencer and then sent back to the D-Station which responds by re-creating the changes in real-time
Distortion: Precise level control means that the overdriven sound some users favour can be set individually for each drum sound in the kit and stored in memory
GM Compatible: The TR808 or TR909 sounds in the
D-Station can be assigned to the General MIDI Note Numbers for percussion sounds. This means that it can be used straight away with GM files or grooves, etc.
DIN Sync Output: The D-Station converts MIDI Clock data into a Din Sync control pulse which will allow any compatible unit (TB303* for example) to run in synchronisation with other MIDI equipment.
Analogue Sound Modelling
A typical drum sound has a very complex structure made up of many simple wave-forms all occurring at the same moment in time. To re-model an original drum sound, first it must be broken down and analyzed so as to identify the various simple wave-forms in it’s structure as these can be converted into a digital code more easily. When the digitized waveforms are added back together the original sound is faithfully re-created in every detail whilst real-time, ‘fluid’ changes to the character of the drum sound can still be made using any of the front panel controls.

Featured Sounds TR808, TR909
Modelled Bass, Snare, Tom Toms, Hi Hat, Cymbals (TR808), Congas
Samples Rimshot, HandClap, Cowbell, Cymbals (TR909), Maracas, Claves
Polyphony 8 note MIDI Programs: 40 Total - 25 Factory/15 User
Controllers All front panel rotary controls except Individual drum“Level” rotary controls.
Controllers via MIDI Front Cut, Pan and Distortion on most sounds.
Note-Off Recognition Selective Note-Off recognition for each drum sound.
General MIDI Selective Drum Kit (TR808/TR909) for placement within the GM map.
Connections MIDI IN/OUT/THRU
Outputs Stereo Left/Right + 6Individual Outputs & Headphone
DIN Sync Output - 24 ppqn
Power 9VDC 500mA input. Use Novation PSU-4
Dimensions / Weight Switchable between 12dB and 24dB
Width 483mm
Depth 110mm
Height 44mm
Weight 1.9kg
Case Style 1U 19" Rackmount