cleaning out the closet pt.4 Roland s760 Sampler £150



sorry, this is all inna bit of a mess but im inna rush & im bustin' for a piss!!!

FeaturesOne unit rack formatInternal RAM expandable up to 32 Mbytes using standard 72-pin no-parity 60nsec SIMMsVideo output, mouse control and digital I/O with optional OP-760-1 Expansion BoardDigital EQ programmable per output and input while sampling and during playbackReads the Akai S-1000 & S-1100 sample librariesReads previous S-series native format floppy disksCharacteristicsMAXIMUM POLYPHONY:24 voice SAMPLING METHOD:Grin:ifferential Interpolation synthesis SAMPLING FREQUENCY:48KHz,44.1 KHz,32KHz,24KHz,22.O5KHz, 16KHzDATA FORMAT:16 bit linearSIGNAL PROCESSINGA/D Conversion: 16-bitD/A Conversion: 18-bitInternal processing: 24-bit linear DISK DRIVE:3.5'Floppy Disk Drive (2HD/2DD) · DISPLAY:160 x 64 backlit LCD · EFFECTS:2 band equalizer x 8 · WAVE MEMORYRAM: 2Mbytes (maximum installed: 32Mbytes) · INTERNAL MEMORY:Volume: 1Performance: 64Patch: 128Partial: 255Sample: 512 · CONNECTORS:Headphone jack (stereo), Stereo input jack, Stereo output jacks (L(mono): 1, R:1), Individual Output jacks x 4, MIDI connectors (IN, OUT/THRU), SCSIconnector, AC inlet. · FREQUENCY RESPONSE:Sad:A/D - D/A)Sampling frequency 48KHz: 10Hz--23.4KHz (+0/-3dB)Sampling frequency 44.1KHz: 10Hz-21.5KHz (+0/-3dB)Sampling frequency 32KHz: 10Hz-15.5KHz (+0/ 3dB) · RESIDUAL NOISE LEVEL (IHF-A Type)Stereo output 1 or individual output 1-2less than -100dBm (all volume MAX)Stereo output 2 or Individual output 3-4less than -100dBm · INPUT LEVEL (rec level MAX):+15dBm · MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL:+15dBm · OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:1.6k · POWER SUPPLY:AC117, AC230V or AC240V: 25W· POWER CONSUMPTION:AC117V, AC230V or AC240: 25W · DIMENSIONS:482(W) x 362.3(D) x 44.8(H)mm19(W) x 14-5/16(D) x 1-13/16(H)inches(EIA 1 U rack mount type) · WEIGHT:4.2 kg / 9 lbs 5 0z · STANDARD ACCESSORIES:Owner’s Manual, 3.5 inch (2HD) System Disk.

hehe this is still inna box under my bed if anyones interested


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