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Here are the sleeve notes. I love this mix, done by our son Alex! See what you think!!


Music has no colour. That is to say music should not be categorised by the colour of the skin of the artists making it. Music has the ability to break down barriers but terms like "black music" do exactly the opposite. I have put this mix together to express this view.

There was a time when white people didn't buy music made by black people. Cover versions of popular music, made by black artists, were done by white artists to appeal to a white audience (see the Fats Domino/Pat Boone notes below). On the other side of the scale, in Jamaica, Bob Marley's music was not played on the radio because the colour of his skin was too light. Although those times have gone, the term "black music" is still widely used in the media.

History has taught us that it is wrong to judge people by the colour of their skin but many people still think it's ok to put music into genres of black or white. It's not. People are people. Music is colour-free.

Audio Used in this mix:

· Ice T - Colours
· Judge "Bootmouth" Tucker and Alexander "Neighborhood" Williams - Dollar Mamie - a work song performed on May 23, 1939 at a State Penitentiary in Parchman, Mississippi
· Intro to Fela Kuti Live in Berlin
· Yiddish Folk Song
· Alex Stacey - Colourfree feat. Gil Scott Herron, Al Green, UB40, Tenor Fly, Courtney Melody, Kool & The Gang, Minder, Aretha Franklin, Eek-a-Mouse
· Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix)
· Fats Domino - Ain't That a Shame - The harmonies in the verses are taken from the cover version, released shortly after the original by the country singer Pat Boone to appeal to white audiences.
· edIT - situps pullups
· Cyndi Lauper - True Colours
· The Specials - Ghost Town
· Michael Jackson - Black or White
· Madonna - Music (makes the people come together)
· Willie Nelson - On the Road Again
· Blackalicious - Chemical Callisthenics
· Scott Joplin - The Ragtime Dance
· Spoken words from: G W Bush, Chuck D, Haile Selassie (translated), DJ Shadow, Bob Marley, Bobby Seal (Leader of The Black Panthers), Grandmaster Flash, Jimmi Gallagher (The Passions), JimmiB
· Bob Marley - War
· 24 carat black - 24 carat black
· Beastie Boys - Rhyme the Rhyme well (accapella)
· Dunproofin - Casbah Wonder (a bootleg mixing music made by people with various skin colours, ie Stevie Wonder & The Clash)
· Alan Freed - Goodnight Message - Alan was one of the first radio DJs in America to play rock n roll music and despite his huge following, was eventually kicked off the air. He later comitted suicide.

I would like to give a big respect to all the artists that appear on this mix and hope that you enjoy it!

Alex Stacey


God mintsmak
Just giving it a listen now

had me wondering at first as your son has the same name as a good friend of mines brother from the Isle of Man, they're both djs and they've got very similar taste in music it seems... :Smile3:


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How odd! Well when you think of the make up of the name, I can understand another DJ using that name. We could not figure out why he used it until we broke up the syllables.

Hope you enjoyed the mix!