comin outa south wales


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south wales
hello to one and all from me

i got pointed in the direction of this forum by whitedog,im glad he did as this looks like quite a strange and wonderful place
as ive been in contact wtih mr whitedog quite a bit recently and heard some awesome music im hoping to get into the party scene as ive been away quite a while(about 8 years was the last time i went out proper),starting with the frog party at lakota,should be a giggle,but i feel strangely apprehensive

anyway im into some other stuff as well
predominantly im a drum and bass head,have been since forever,and i like to spin a few choons now and again,my username is my dj moniker btw
im also having fun screaming radio control nitro cars about rather a bit,although its proving slightly more expensive than first planned,im also leaning the tricky art of drifting with rc cars
during the week i can be found mostly covered in oil and grease under a muscle car or jap rocket