Community Development organisations in Newcastle?


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I just had a meeting with one of my lectors about doing my work placement in the UK next year.
I'm currently studying Social Work in Belgium and want to come back to London after finishing my degree (June 2007).
As i was living there for 5 years, my wish was to do my workplacement there, but because of practical reasons (like they don't have agreements with any universities, which would mean no quality control, which would mean no chance to get a grant etc...), this seems to be a problem.
They do however have an agreement with the Northumbrian University of Newcastle.

I'm open for the idea, only thing is, I don't know anything about this city.
In London I wanted to do my work placement for a community development organisation and more specifically work around homelessness.

What I eventually want to do later, is try to get into a position where I can put pressure on the council to give space to squatters, who in their way contribute to the community. For example by doing a krishna kitchen, setting up workshops for the kids or eldery in the neighbourhood, ...
Basically try to get some openess around dealing with homelessness and people wanting to organise their own life in a way different way than the mainstream one and who don't harm anybody by doing so.

I don't know how common squatting is in Newcastle, how the approach of the authorities is with regards to homelessness and housing or if there are other social issues, which I'm not aware of but would be interesting to work around.

Could any of you help me with any advice, names or contacts of organisations please?
This would help me sooooooo much!


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inside miszt's head
These guys might be able to help you out, they are a pretty big team in london...


Also some of the things you mentioned are areas the Synergy project are looking into, not excatly what you are after, but they might be able to help you out with info and contacts, might even have things for you to do