Competition for free VA:Parsec - OXYGEN RECORDS (oxycd002)

Junior Members
If you wanna win a new compilation V.A. Parsec from Oxygen records Come and play. It´s very simple!

Try to guess what track has the slowest BPM on the V.A. Parsec compilation.
Your opinion - name of the track, artist and EXACT
BPM send to our special email
till the mid of october.

Put the answer into the subject of the email!

3 first exact or closest estimation will get our CD.
So good luck to everybody:Wink3:
Winners will be contacted by email.

Example of the full answer:
Setherian - Angelic Debris 142 - WRITE THIS AS A SUBJECT IN THE EMAIL!

the full tracklist can be seen on our website here:


Direct DJ
Yeah I heard the samples of this Compilation, and there is some nice deep and not so obvious stuff on there!!
The Braincell track was V.Nice!!

Here are the others:

01-Braincell aka Rastaliens - Underwater
(written and produced by Ralph Knobloch) Germany
02-Aphid Moon vs Protoculture - Systematic Anomally (written and produced by Jules
Hammer and Nate Raubenheimer) UK/South Africa
03-Ninja - Show Time
(written and produced by Stephane Djani) France
04-Hydraglyph - Aural Sex (rmx)
(written and produced by Mark Ackermann & Andrew Morgan) South Africa
05-Freakulizer & Dj Moodra - Freaky Mood
(written and produced by Simon Schwendener & Martin Baur) Switzerland
06-Setherian - Angelic Debris
(written and produced by dj Seth) Brazil
07-Sound Field - No Roots
(written and produced by Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia) Israel
08-Lucid SounD - 8.5 Light Minutes
(written and produced by András Benkóczi) Hungary
09-Spectra - Split
(written and produced by Paulo and Francisco Oliveira) Portugal


Munch Crew
Been listening to this cd for the last fortnight, since obtaining an early copies of Parsec. Sadly all sent out now, but its a really awesome cd. This well overtakes Oxygen's first release, Satellite for tune standards. Very strong track by Freakulizer and Braincell.

Well worth a listen folks. TV why is your Hovercraft is full of eels? Eh?