Competition for free VA:Parsec - OXYGEN RECORDS (oxycd002)

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If you wanna win a new compilation V.A. Parsec from Oxygen records Come and play. It´s very simple!

Try to guess what track has the slowest BPM on the V.A. Parsec compilation.
Your opinion - name of the track, artist and EXACT
BPM send to our special email
till the mid of october.

Put the answer into the subject of the email!

3 first exact or closest estimation will get our CD.
So good luck to everybody:Wink3:
Winners will be contacted by email.

Example of the full answer:
Setherian - Angelic Debris 142 - WRITE THIS AS A SUBJECT IN THE EMAIL!

the full tracklist can be seen on our website here:


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Yeah I heard the samples of this Compilation, and there is some nice deep and not so obvious stuff on there!!
The Braincell track was V.Nice!!

Here are the others:


01-Braincell aka Rastaliens - Underwater
(written and produced by Ralph Knobloch) Germany
02-Aphid Moon vs Protoculture - Systematic Anomally (written and produced by Jules
Hammer and Nate Raubenheimer) UK/South Africa
03-Ninja - Show Time
(written and produced by Stephane Djani) France
04-Hydraglyph - Aural Sex (rmx)
(written and produced by Mark Ackermann & Andrew Morgan) South Africa
05-Freakulizer & Dj Moodra - Freaky Mood
(written and produced by Simon Schwendener & Martin Baur) Switzerland
06-Setherian - Angelic Debris
(written and produced by dj Seth) Brazil
07-Sound Field - No Roots
(written and produced by Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia) Israel
08-Lucid SounD - 8.5 Light Minutes
(written and produced by András Benkóczi) Hungary
09-Spectra - Split
(written and produced by Paulo and Francisco Oliveira) Portugal


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Southend-onSea Essex
Been listening to this cd for the last fortnight, since obtaining an early copies of Parsec. Sadly all sent out now, but its a really awesome cd. This well overtakes Oxygen's first release, Satellite for tune standards. Very strong track by Freakulizer and Braincell.

Well worth a listen folks. TV why is your Hovercraft is full of eels? Eh?