i know about compression, or at least i think i do!

but using an analog compressor doesn't make the sound louder, it keeps it under control and levels out the headroom.

While when i right click a compression vst, it compresses while making the audio file alot louder!

in most cases i find this quite usefull but still don't really understand why?

am i using compression which also wacks up the gain afterwards?



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It's not that simple.

Imagine your self sitting with a volume fader, moving you hand quick as a fuckign quick thing, raising and lowering the volume.

A technique to flatten out sound, make it more even and level, or to create a pumping more radical 'effect' style sound, or just to keep yer transients in control.

You might find your vst compressor has auto-gain-makeup which is raising the volume post-compression. You probably wanna do that manually. Also your digital compressor of software is goign to create a much harsher overdriven sound than an analogue unit with it's flexible headroom if over driven into distortion.

Compression is harder to explain than playing with the knobs till you're good.


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Yeah, tis an area for lots of confusion, compression...

By making the dynamic range as flat as you can on a compressor (lowest threshold setting and 1:inf ratio) you are effectively bringing all the frequency components up to the same level - this can give the effect of a louder volume...

Not exactly standard practice unless its for something very specific.

I think they may do this delibratley to TV adverts to make them shout at you to get your attention more, could be wrong there as it might just be somebody at the level sliders for the advert audio.

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theyellowbrickroad said:
am i using compression which also wacks up the gain afterwards?


Most have a "Auto Gain Make-up" function which compensates for the gain reduction introduced by the compressor circuit.