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Hey guys,

Just joined the forum as looking at sooner or later at producing some psytrance if all goes well.

I was previously using a MacBook and I produced freeform/uk hardcore but am wanting to step away from that for a while.

Just out of curiosity spec wise wondering if my Laptop will be ok if not loading up to many tracks to record.

It's an i7-7700HQ 2.8GHZ - 16GIG 64bit OS as well.

Most recent tune I did (freeform)

Apology if in wrong section any suggestions appreciated. :Dance3:


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More powerful than my laptop mate. I have to bounce or freeze after a while but it doesn't stop me.


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I'm running an i5 with 16gb and it's pretty sufficient. I'd recommend a quality soundcard with good latency, to lessen the load on the processor.


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Thanks lads. Just wasnt sure been using Mac for so long. Yeah ill look into a relatively suitable soundcard.

Appreciate it again. Cheers.