Conspiracy Theories.

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I have none to post right now. I personally believe that there are some questions about everything that need to be answered, but some questions often give rise to nonsenical consipracy theories which very quickly seem to turn into fact amongst open minded thinkers.

While certainly there are things that go on which are a bit dubious, some theories are ludicrous. On the other hand, others are perfectly plausable.

What is worrying though, is that publications such as loaded are being quite closed minded about everything, which will eventually encourage their readers to do the same. There was an article in a recent issue (I read it round my mates house while having a shit, I certainly wouldn't buy the publication) going through all of the popular conspiracy theories. It claims that every one of them is bollocks but gives no explanation as to why they have decided this.

Post the most plausable theories here. Then we can take a vote on which ones to analyse, do research on and discuss in depth and maybe, just maybe, find some truths. It might be fun.




the monkeys are comming and they are controlled by the chickens


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Hear the theroy that shakespare never wrote shakespare it was someone else and he was just the front


Apparently Colin doesn't write his own music.....aliens send him the MP3 files and he just pretends to spend hours in the studio making the tracks when he's actually modding psy-forum :iyes:


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Colin OOOD said:
Francis Bacon, I believe. Not totally implausible if you read around.

No, it's totally and utterly implausible and has been discounted by every major critic for years if you read around.


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I saw that too, they were trying to make a juicy story, really, if you go into any serious English department and try and question whether it was him, you'll be swiftly arraigned of the facts :Wink3:


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um the actual answer is that shakespear could not write longhand (only some kinda theatre code n diagrams, if you read around) so all his plays were set into script by a current member of his cast there are theories concerning the mans existance at all and since parish records from the time are scarce and he doesnt turn up in any of them it makes me wonder ....hmmmmmmm............

i may be wrong so if anyone can correct me id b intrigued, pls b nice tho'

however elaboration on the secret english section in pubs that its nessescary to ingest mushrooms to locate, this sounds like a conspiricy worthy of this forum


aye, there's something up with the pubs in this counrty, the government has some kind of secret technology that they're using to cloak english departments in pubs.


if any of you know shooters hill in kent, you probly know of the police station at the bottom of it
this station has an old emergency fone box outside of it (just a silver box with a fone in it for when the police station is shut or whatever)
when i saw this i was curious to know what was in it, before i knew it was a fone, what i found was the aforementioned fone and two pieces of paper folded up together, which i seems the police need help from conspiritors!!!


1) A twister line on the space shuttle challenger might have caused C.I.A to assasinate Princess Dianna as revenge for . . . . "we must assume it was dropped"
(Phoenix)-(Maggie Thatcher) (i.e if the loss of Challenger was not an accident)

2) Kidnap - very unlikely.

3) tippex holds no water a)conscience nagging clues not necessarily imply guilt b)conversly, guilt is not always conscienable. ("Morality")

4) Princess Dianna faked her own death (example trouble with Lichen - John Wyndam -Penguin). CATCH: This would require Royal Permission and would cost millions to keep quiet in the short to medium term.In the long run very few people (except those in the inner circle) would know for some time (Free Press). Perhaps (maybe) at the end of the day the truth would come out.
of this one i myself would never be sure
Lots of money changing hands, O/S, D-notices.

5) Bill Gates had the power (but no motive)
6)Saddam Hussain, Sloboden Milosevich henchmen were among paperazi or local traffic in the french tunnel. Boris Yeltsin perhaps.
(A dirty trick by Foreign agents)

7) The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew ordered it. (REM: AROHANUI)
All crime are committed either by Govt. or someone close. In a sense (Royal Briatin) these people are the Govt. (unless we are a republic).
However, having said that the order must have been pretty loud and clear for the assasination to take place.And in this case, much less bottle is required. Motive (Sleaze)

Summary of suspects
1) C.I.A (President Clinton) motive "Challenger" (But with a twist perhaps)
2)Saddam Hussain, Milosevitch, Boris Yeltsin, Other lesser powers . Motives: Unknown
3)Royalty themselves motives "Embarrasment"
3a) Just an accident
4) If the death of Princess Dianna was not an accident, then someone with a lot of power, bottle and money would be responsible.
5) Princess Dianna is alive and well
5a) Beware the script
6) Beware the power of persuasion


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The penguins did it...

they don't fool me, them and that funny walk, there is something there that seems suspicious..hmmmm

i do believe that they are to take the world, for how long you don't hear a word from them..they are elaborating a plan and whenever they want zip zap zung, all our sannity is gone and who's fault is it? THE PENGUINS they will steal yours aware of the peguins


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Everyone knows they put fluoride in the tap water for mind control...
But I read in a hidden english section in a dentist's waiting room that it also turns yur teeth white!