Converting/editing DVD footage?


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I was wondering if anybody could advise me here. I need to produce a short movie from some footage which I have on DVD.

Basically I need to find a way of converting the DVD to a format which I can edit on my PC in Windows movie maker. Not very professional I know, but it's all I have to work with...and in any case the movie only needs to be a minute or so long

The DVD isn't protected...but what's the best way to convert the footage? Can anyone recommend some software to do this? I know sod all about video so any help would be much appreciated

dave arc-i

dvd decrypter will allowyou to copy your .vob files from the dvd - dvd2avi does what it says by converting the vob's to .avi's and then the .avi are editable in premiere or whatever you are using

i also recommend saving the .avi's WITHOUT compression (big files yes but when you edit out your clips and then compress them - the quality remains tops)

i have been doing this for a couple of years and personally i find this the best option - there may well be other ways of doing it

dave arc-i

its all free or shareware and easily findable on a google search

easy as to use

IF you have enough hdd space i recommend doing a *full frames, uncompressed* save of the .avi when using dvd2avi (4.7gb ends up being around 120gb) BUT when you compress after editing i find that the resolution and quality of the clip remains very good - i have recently been putting an av demo together and checking the quality of the footage used on various types of monitor and tv screen - the clips that were saved by this method stand out from the ones that havent

i have also been recommended using moption jpeg3(?) for final compression (currently using cinepac) - i have the installer but havent sorted it yet - once i have it installed - probably later today/tomorrow i will let you know more about it