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Well, this isn't finished yet, but any of you who saw my 'Hardcore' poll will know where this came from!

I'd love to get your feedback

clickety click

mainly, does this still sound like psy, and do you like it? I have lost perspective, and could do with some reining in :Smile3:

thanks guys :Smile3:
Hey hey Speakafreaka
Nice tune as always and yes I would say its Psytrance.
Only grip is that the sample at the start gets a bit to lost on the delay to but this may be due to the crappie ickle speakers a have to listen to on my bros computer at the mo.
Still nice rhythms in this tune well done.
:bananada: :bananada: :bananada:
funnily enough when I was listening to this track I noticed that the little banana dudes were dancing in time :lol:

The tune has a good rolling feel to it when it drops, esp half way through. The delay is heavy but I could hear what was said just about. UFO's etc. Mix sounds clear generally, good work. maybe the hi hat could be more prominent though?? wasn't obvious to me, but that may be what your going for. Nice choon! Not what I'm used to hearing for sure.


hello guys :Smile3:

glad you like the track :Smile3:

Hmm.. the sample sounds okay to me, but i'll look into it and listen on different speakers. I can still work on it so noooo problemo.

mixing this track is a utter bastard. so many of the noises get really quiet that it is difficult to push the volume of the hats up, or things get really pumpy when i compress the track at the end... I know what you mean about the hats, but i'm not sure what to do about it! Any higher in volume and they fuck up the rest of the track! ahhh well, just have to try anyways.

Cheers (both of you again - sterling work) for the positive feedback
Just listen to your track. All in all I think this track would work on the dance floor. Your bass drum is amazing, dry, phat and every beat hits :punk: There's a good tension all along. No boring passages or something like that. It's a little bit to deep for my taste (or it depends on my stereo). I think, sax is right when he says the hi hat could be more prominent though. 2-3 db in combination with compression should enough. An audio engineer I know said: "Let the hi hat rush and the bass drum bump!" I would give it more treble (a tube fx could make sure the "tunnel vision" also on higher freq's...) A question of taste. Maybe the 303 hook line could be also more present. More compression could give it more strength without changing the volume.
This is just the first impression and only an opinion. I'll listen to it a few times more.
Keep on groovin'